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  1. Lost playoffs by 2 assists. Patrick Beverley just needed to get more than ******** 2 assists for the whole game but he always gave the ball to the goddamn rookie Shai. I had a sliver of hope that the game was going to be extended into OT where maybe he'd get those assists, but ******** Lou will destroyed me with his game winner. GG see you next season I guess
  2. Just saw that he got ejected, goddammit Ayton
  3. What's going on why aren't they playing him? Matchup thing or did he get hurt?
  4. Having his worst game of the season during the playoffs, great. Not getting any ******** offensive touches per usual with ball hogs Oubre and Booker, but this game I can't even be that mad at them because Ayton's been a** offensively.
  5. Wow f--- me this guy goes 3/4 on FG's for 7 points, 2 steals, 1 block in the first quarter, then the rest of the ******** game goes 0/5, 1/4 on FT's for ONE point and a rebound or 2. Way to waste a hot start
  6. Think I'm going to drop for Zeller, higher upside
  7. Minutes have taken a big dip recently. Anyone watch the games? Doesn't seem like he was in foul trouble and Chandler isn't taking up more minutes so my guess is that Lakers have been going small recently? Is this more matchup based or is this going to be a permanent hit that we should expect. His output has been pretty mediocre in <20 mins.
  8. ******** lost the week on something I should've had in the bag. Stars ended up aligning for the other team where Harrell, Gilgeous-Alexander, and SHELVIN MACK, got 7 blocks together to beat me for the week by 1 block. My JJJ, Pat Bev, Marcus Smart on the other hand who usually can at least get A BLOCK between the 3 of them, sum up for a cool 0. Plus KAT hitting 5/9 FT's the night before causing me to lose FT% by 0.05%. Fighting for a playoff spot so this does not feel good.
  9. Makes me sad to see all the guys I could've drafted instead of this dude. Just praying he makes it up to me by killing it during the playoff weeks
  10. s--- was gonna drop him to stream after tonight because he only has 1 more game but after these past 2 think I need to hold...
  11. Have McGee right now but don't have space for both. Is this sustainable? I'm wondering if Lebron coming back will make any difference. Chandler being phased out is promising but it seems like between Zu and McGee is a tradeoff between FT% and blocks.
  12. Thinking about offering this in order to get rid of the FT% cancer that is Whiteside. Jarrett Allen was trending up for a bit but recently has fallen back to earth while Whiteside has performed surprisingly well lately. Who wins this trade?
  13. What's going on with him lately? Don't have him but was thinking about sending a trade for him after it seemed like he was trending up, but lately he's fallen back to earth (only 20 mins and took 2 shots tonight?!). Any idea why that is? Was thinking with Spencer out maybe he'd get a bit more usage too. Anyone who watches his games can offer any insight?
  14. Can't believe I picked this guy over Nurkic looking at how Nurk is balling out...oh well hindsight is 20/20