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  1. 8 team 9 cat roto league Harden Oladipo Gobert Love Ayton T.Harris G.Harris Rubio J.Richardson Prince Barton K.Anderson Lamb thoughts on this? Feeling weak on assists. Got Simmons for Dipo straight up on the table.
  2. Got the 5th pick in my 9 cat roto league and expecting to get Harden at this position. First of all, after successfully punting assists for two years in a row.. is he the right choice at #5? I expect Davis, KAT, KD and Giannis at 1-4. And who should I pair him with at #12?
  3. Can anyone recommend switching from ESPN to Yahoo? I really hate the new design, there are no comparison stats and so on. After four years with ESPN it might be time for a change..
  4. Can anyone tell me where to find the player ratings of 2018 in ESPN?
  5. Add Kuzma? WHIR

    8 team 9 cat roto, no playoffs. roster (punt assists): lillard, mitchell derozan, oladipo, murray george, Porter, saric portis, markkanen, collins towns, capela do I have a drop for kuzma?
  6. Myles Turner 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    He is ranked 20th in the last 30 days. That's what I exprected when I drrafted him tbh. 2nd to 3rd round value.
  7. 8 team 9 cat roto redraft, no playoffs got several offers for my Bledsoe: conley hardaway jr wiggins rest of my team (punt assists) lillard, bledsoe oladipo, Barton, Brown Porter, George, RHJ Aaron gordon, Turner, Kuzma towns, Capela
  8. Drop DSJr for Donovan Mitchell?

    How do you actually feel about this now? I'm in a shallow league and both are sitting on the wire. Which one would you rather have? (Punting assists build)
  9. Who wins this trade whir

    In a points league I like the first more.
  10. 9 cat roto, 8 teams got offered avery bradley for my eric bledsoe straight up. Should I do it since I‘m punting assists?
  11. Tough one. I'm leaning towards the Wall side, since the gap between LeBron and Wall might be smaller than between DeAndre and Lauri.
  12. Vucevic and Ibaka for MYLES TURNER

    I always like to get the best player in a deal. I'd do it in a heartbeat.