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  1. NBA Trade Season 2018-2019

    Washington trades Oubre and Rivers for Ariza to Phoenix. Oubre Must-add?
  2. Jokic Trade WHIR

    Would you even do it with Beal instead of J-Rich?
  3. 8 team 9 cat roto League my Gobert & j-Rich his Jokic & Doncic my Team: harden oladipo, Beal, Simmons, j-rich, warren, barton collins, JJJ, Parker, Bagley gobert, Ayton
  4. Unhappy owner wants to get rid of Ben Simmons. Since I'm pretty weak in FT I'm strongly considering making an offer. Would J-Rich + Fox or Gary Harris + Fox be too much? 8 team 9 cat roto, my team: Harden, Fox Dipo, Beal, G.Harris J-Rich, Warren, Barton Collins, JJJ, Bagley Gobert, Ayton
  5. Which side whir

    Not convincend at all. I‘d lean towards Davis on both trades.
  6. Got offered Fox for my Wendell Carter Jr 8 team 9 cat roto my Team: harden dipo, Beal, G.Harris richardson, warren, barton collins, JJJ, Wendell, Bagley Gobert, Ayton
  7. Keep Simmons, he will figure it out.
  8. Trade Help Please WHIR

    I‘d do it. I rank Bledsoe much higher and believe SGA outplays Fultz fantasy wise.
  9. Gobert+Prince for Jokic? WHIR

    I value Jokic higher than those two, especially since it‘s a 10 team league.
  10. Jokic Trade WHIR

    I would take Lowry and DeRozan if it‘s a 10+ team league.
  11. Which side? Whir

    I‘d keep Harden.
  12. No way. Harrell is wayyyy more valuable.
  13. Quick help WHIR

    Any help?
  14. I'd pick Grant, TT and Green. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/734628-quick-help-whir/