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  1. Jokic Trade WHIR

    Would you even do it with Beal instead of J-Rich?
  2. 8 team 9 cat roto League my Gobert & j-Rich his Jokic & Doncic my Team: harden oladipo, Beal, Simmons, j-rich, warren, barton collins, JJJ, Parker, Bagley gobert, Ayton
  3. Unhappy owner wants to get rid of Ben Simmons. Since I'm pretty weak in FT I'm strongly considering making an offer. Would J-Rich + Fox or Gary Harris + Fox be too much? 8 team 9 cat roto, my team: Harden, Fox Dipo, Beal, G.Harris J-Rich, Warren, Barton Collins, JJJ, Bagley Gobert, Ayton
  4. Which side whir

    Not convincend at all. I‘d lean towards Davis on both trades.
  5. Got offered Fox for my Wendell Carter Jr 8 team 9 cat roto my Team: harden dipo, Beal, G.Harris richardson, warren, barton collins, JJJ, Wendell, Bagley Gobert, Ayton
  6. Keep Simmons, he will figure it out.
  7. Trade Help Please WHIR

    I‘d do it. I rank Bledsoe much higher and believe SGA outplays Fultz fantasy wise.
  8. Gobert+Prince for Jokic? WHIR

    I value Jokic higher than those two, especially since it‘s a 10 team league.
  9. Jokic Trade WHIR

    I would take Lowry and DeRozan if it‘s a 10+ team league.
  10. Which side? Whir

    I‘d keep Harden.
  11. No way. Harrell is wayyyy more valuable.
  12. Quick help WHIR

    Any help?
  13. I'd pick Grant, TT and Green.