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  1. Samuels isn't going anywhere. He is here to stay in this offense. With a hobbling running back in Connor and Samuels being the guy to catch many balls. He has to be a must add because that upside is just too juicy to ignore. Id add him over Ronald Jones and Jordan Howard, since they are on waivers also
  2. im starting Richardson regardless of if Terry sits or plays. Sure as heck not going to start Miles Sanders or David Montgomery
  3. when I thought about turf toe, AJ Green came into mind. What a terrible injury because it will linger
  4. pretty crazy how 1 game changes everyones opinion. Relax everyone, if he caught that TD we'd be talking differently about MVS. Tonight was Adams show and it was predictable.
  5. Evans is the guy in Tampa, don't get it twisted.
  6. Any rb that's in a holdout is not a safe pick
  7. Thx Fields you idiot. One pitch! Really
  8. He's a seasoned veteran, I'm sure he can fix it
  9. That's just ridiculous, come on now
  10. All those that saying sell high or sell for pennys, you guys are idiots...I'll ride this till the end
  11. 4th hr! Wow. I'm picking him up just for the heck of it
  12. I'll take the .250 avg all day with what he produces in all categories....come on you guys are asking too much, never satisfied
  13. Another hr, he's got 11 hr this season and only 23 rbis. These cubs need to get on base for him. Way too many solo shots