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  1. 1) His contract dictates he can be traded. 2) I agree he should look after him self, demand what he wants, not sugar coat anything. 3) He can work within in his contract, dictate where he wants to go, do what ever he likes (with in the contract he signed) with out being a bell end. You can't take the money, and also want the right to demand where you play. You can take the money, give it your all (which I think he does on the court) and tell the team you don't intend to stay, honor your contract then move once it expires. Thats the whole point of a contract. Flip it the other way, and imagine it the wolves decided not to pay him for games he was injured or something like that, it wouldn't be fair. Don't sign a contract of you don't intend to honor it.
  2. You kind of give up your right to demand a trade when you sign a contract. If he wanted to demand where he wanted to go, he should of become a free agent and signed where ever he damn well wanted. You can't have your cake and eat it. You can tell a team I wont stay around after this contract, but be an adult about it do your god damn job that you are getting paid to do, and the team will do what suits them. You don't throw all your toys out the cot like a baby.
  3. Sounds like the exact posts that were made when K love was leaving. Turned out all right and Flip played it perfect. Jumping early isn't a good thing. As much as everyone things the Wolves have no leverage they actually do. Teams want Jimmy, and will bid for his service.
  4. give it times gents. Will be a solid pick up.
  5. Got rib of George Hill bum a** for this guy. In my punt points build. Coach Joerger drives me insane. Letss go
  6. Thats your definition of rough? For a first gamer? What would have been good?
  7. Hey NB, how did you shape the rest of your team?


    Mine is in a 14 team comp standard 9 cat h2h.


    My team is:


    PG: CP3

    SG: Avery Bradley

    SF: Jabari Parker

    PF: Milsap

    C: Gortat

    Util: Love

    Util: R Lopes

    Util: Zaza

    Bench: Goran

    Bench: Covington

    Bench: Derrick Williams


    Any thoughts?