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  1. Honestly, I think I might start Burkhead over Michel. This game is going to get out of hand quick......why would they risk running Michel all game?
  2. This was/is my play. I am in big trouble with my RB's even though I squeaked a win. Breida just isn't durable and I need to hit on the Mostert/Wilson wagon after flopping miserably on my RB draft . As others have said, Mostert looked excellent until that nasty arm break. I just have to keep playing these type of adds and grind.
  3. I'm playing him with confidence in 2 leagues.
  4. How are we feeling about Cohen tonight boys? I am rolling him out in my flex. With Jordan Howard gone, I think we will have alot of opportunities here no?
  5. Hopefully the Redskins D is nasty this year. Guice's only con is going to be gameflow. If the Redskins drop early by 10-14pts, Guice could be limited by use. Otherwise he looked like a beast and could feed.
  6. Mine will be simple. Stop picking guys because ADP said so. I went Fournette 9 in one league. My heart was telling me to go CMC but my ADP kept saying people will laugh at me. Next year, I don't give a ***** about ADP anymore.
  7. Yeah this guy ultimately cost me nice money in 2 leagues. And not because of how soft he is physically, but his last 2 weeks of duds in playoffs. Never again, not even if he is around in the 6th will I bite. Garbage.
  8. What are we thinking about Fournette Sunday for those who survived last week and the season with this bummmm. I have no choice but to start him, but I think he is going to have a nice bounce back week against an anemic Redskins offense?
  9. Odell officially made my DND list along with Fournette. Both of these guys are the softest individuals in the NFL both mentally and physically.
  10. Yeah for sure. I'd like to get you fired up on here first so I don't have to Cosby you during dinner.
  11. Lol acting like a snowflake and sensitive? I honestly can give a flying **** what you think, but you won't go away. Constantly lurking in this thread and the Spencer Ware thread quoting people who disagree with your view on Williams. Williams stinks and is a JAG, everyone knows and nobody cares what you think. It's the offense he plays in that makes him so valuable.
  12. Perhaps you have a personality disorder. You did this to not one of my comments, but several in other threads related to Williams. I wasn't even talking to you in other threads and you had to post about how Williams was a nothingburger and laughing at anyone who is starting him tonight.. Here is an example of one of them.
  13. You sat in this thread lambasting everyone who was starting Williams. Laughing, telling everyone he was doing nothing tonight. It's very easy to just read the previous 10 pages and see it. Why are you such a crying baby about Williams?
  14. You have been wrong about literally everything about Damien Williams. Why are you even in this thread? You are embarrassing.
  15. Honestly, the refs were so horrendous in this game I think the Chiefs would have blasted the refs if it wasn't for the helmet to helmet Rivers play at the end that was so bad it basically balanced it out. Even the refs knew they ******** up so bad, they threw a defensive holding penalty the play after to not make it controversial.