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  1. 2nd round pick(36th Overall) of the 2018 draft by the Knicks. The Knicks center posted a summer league per game average of 13.0 ppg 10.2 rebs 4 blks 66.7 fg% 45.5ft% 24.6 min. The 4 blks a game is a summer league record. He’s my late round flier this year and posted comparable numbers to Ayton and Wendell Carter in the summer league but still not as polished as those two. Also with Kanter on the last year of his deal there has to be a good chance he gets traded. All signs pointing up for an opportunity to play. Who’s on board on the Mitch Rob train?
  2. Rate my Draft- WHIR 100%

    love the rbs and once Alshon is back u should be good at wideout. Can't say anything negative about the team
  3. Rate my draft!!!

    Oh man you took Howard over Evans!? I still like ur team tho. Lamar miller isn't a bad option to be rb2 he'll prolly finish the season as a top end rb2. I wouldn't change much ur lotto tickets at rbs hopefully hits
  4. Been getting offers for Royce. Might pull the trigger for Lamar + 1
  5. 12 team 1-PPR...Rate my team please

    For sure try to get more elite at wideout. Personally not too high on Gordon but I love the rb combo especially for ppr
  6. Not bad Only concern for me is receivers. Just not very high on Gordon and funchess but other than that great balance throughout
  7. Wow Howard at 28!!!! Ur league members be snoozing thanks to that you have a very stacked team my friend I doubt no one can even match that rb duo you got. Love the receivers and burton is my favourite tight end this year love the value u got him for. U roll this team out with confidence amazing draft. U
  8. D. Cook for J. howard WHIR

    I would do it. Howard is poised for a big year and if defence can live up to expectation his opportunity should only increase
  9. Start Henry or Conner? Full PPR

    I'd go Henry on this one. I feel like the gamescript won't go conners way and Pitt will be passing a lot
  10. Who to drop?

    Morris unfortunately is your cut at this point until he leveon situation has settled Conner is must own
  11. You gotta go AP. Especially the revenge game factor I bet you he doesn't disappoint
  12. QB starter question

    I would drop agoholor and play dalton. He's short term anyway
  13. Yes easy choice. Kerryon's upside is too much to pass.
  14. Who to FLEX? WHIR

    It's unanimous AP is your guy here. He has a golden opportunity and he never disappoints with his opportunity
  15. I would do it. I believe you're getting the guys that are just a tad bit better