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  1. This year Luka is one of those players you can exploit the rankings with. I feel he’s a keep right now more than a sell just because I don’t think he’s shown his ceiling yet as a fantasy player this year. The mavs themselves are trying to understand how to use Luka. It’s undeniable his passing is his greatest strength and I don’t think they’ve totally utilize that aspect of him yet. I’d buy Luka and see where he takes you. You got a guaranteed top 50 in him and possibly higher.
  2. Nikola Jokic 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Oooo could explain the passiveness... joker trying to let that s--- heal!!! Smart man
  3. Donovan Mitchell Season Outlook 2018-2019

    I traded him for doncic and Kanter... sold pretty low but I think he puts up similar numbers to last season with a 2-4 points boost
  4. Donovan Mitchell for Doncic + Kanter?

    Thanks glad I’m not the only one. I did a 3 for 1 to get Kawhi my team kinda lacking depth. I could probably wait but my league mates quickly noticing Luka I wanted to pounce before his value grows more.
  5. Donovan Mitchell for Doncic + Kanter?

    how much you think Mitchell can upgrade that scoring? He’s shooting at 43.1% and be short 43.7% I think he tops out at 45% at best. Meanwhile a lot pump the brakes with doncic because he is a rookie. His 48% shooting could dip to 45% but his Fts currently at 76% should go up to 80% base on his averages in Europe. To me they finish real close to each other around top 30-40 fantasy guys.
  6. Wiggins for Gallo? WHIR 100%

    I’d go with wiggins bro. His upside looks to be higher this year. Injury scare really kills it for me for galo and trade value I think it always affects him
  7. Got offered Doncic for Javale?

    Value wise yes I mean Luka will give u more on a nightly basis but ur team build seems like it requires javale’s blks but u can easily flip luka for better value later
  8. 14 team 9 cat I was offered Doncic Kanter for my Mitchell. I feel like I have to do it. I think don’s averages is where about he’ll finish the season. I feel doncic has a bit more room to grow terms of assist and ft%. what u guys think? Here’s my team: PG: Bledsoe Rubio Derrick White SG: Mitchell Gary Harris SF: Kawhi Leonard Bogdan PF: John Collins Jae Crowder Nance C: Jokic Muscala
  9. I’d love to this trade from a long term perspective but it being 8 team you should be able to command more for Derozan. What’s his roster looking like?
  10. Pick 2 PG ROS

    Teague White is the best out of the group as of right now.
  11. Levert or Lou Will ros??

    LeVert higher upside more of a secure role
  12. Just wondering how much ppl are getting offered for Donovan Mitchell. Currently got a couple offers really leaning towards the last one Donny for Middleton Donny for Marc Gasol + JJ Redick Donny for Vuc Donny for Doncic Kanter Heres my team: 14 team 9 cat PG: Eric Bledsoe Ricky Rubio Derrick White SG: Donovan Mitchell Gary Harris SF: Kawhi Leonard Bogdan Wilson Chandler PF: John Collins Jae Crowder C: Nikola Jokic Mike Muscala