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  1. I've had Texans D pretty much all year. They've been pretty consistent and have really great past few weeks.
  2. Lost both Gordon and Conner but still have Chubb so need 1 RB from Ware, Jackson, and Eckeler. Need 1 WR from Tate, Samuel, Reynolds, and ZJones. Need Flex from who is left.
  3. Yes, I blasted him publicly on the message board. Privately his uncle (who is also in the league) and I confronted him. We both are quitting and starting our own league next year. We are the only two who complained since his friends enable his bs. Btw, he got in the playoffs and I get to play him week 15 if I survive. I'm the 1 seed but lost both Gordon and Conner so I'm sure I'm going to get screwed.
  4. Full ppr -Need 3 RB Conner Chubb Ekeler Ware Need 1WR Tate Reynolds Conley
  5. I finally found a good enough reason to dump Jordan Howard. I'm stacked at rb but my league is a mess right now so I'm just being spiteful and blocking anyone else from getting him.
  6. Yeah I'm going to deal privately with my cousin on this. I'm glad I came here for input realizing I wasn't wrong in my reaction.
  7. I'm only in two leagues and the other is one of those free espn leagues which are usually horrible but lucked out with everyone being active and competitive. Both teams have a lot of the same players so I was really enjoying this year. It's really disappointing that a family league turned so bush league.
  8. I'm actually tempted to quit now and demand my money back I'm so angry but I don't know if that's the right thing to do either.
  9. Yes he does control the money and already gets $200 for running the league. Only one person has mildly complained. I can't believe no one else has said anything. It's a pretty competitive league. I'm very close with the kid's mother which complicates things but you're dealing with $1,000 and it's completely unethical in my opinion.
  10. I'm going on my 5th year in a $100 buy in ppr 12 team friends and family league that I will be quitting after this year. The original commissioner was my cousin who ran everything really well. His 22 year old son took over this year and he just pulled a shady move. We used to have top 6 make playoffs top 2 teams with bye first week. This year it was left on ESPN default of top 4 teams with combined points weeks 14/15 and 16/17. No one caught it and it was let go. Last night he goes in and changes it to top 8 teams in playoffs. He would now make the playoffs with a potential losing record. Shouldn't this have been voted on? I questioned him on the message board and he's ignoring me. Btw I'm in the playoffs with the top seed so I feel like I'm really getting screwed.
  11. I have this stiff and ACollins. I finally dumped Collins this week and it was liberating. I've been trying to trade Howard for a month and can't get rid of him so he is stuck on my bench. I refuse to drop him because I know someone will pick him up and I will end up getting burned by him in the playoffs.
  12. I ran to ww for him and have him paired with MGordon. I also have AB and drafted Mahomes in the 11th round. I'm in first place in my league too.
  13. That's exactly what I decided to do. Thanks
  14. So I was offered my Brown for Alshon and Josh Gordon which I declined. I was going to counter propose AB and Jordan Howard for his T. Hill, Alshon, and Jimmy Graham. Is this a fair trade or should I just keep AB? I wouldn't mind the Mahomes/Hill stack plus an upgrade at TE. His QB is Ben which is why he wants AB.