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  1. Well, he missed over 15 games and counting this season (most of them "tweaks") I can see where the poster is coming from.
  2. 1st round playoffs...currently tied 4-4 in a 9 cat.... I might have to drop? Just not a fan of affecting the while league with Curry on the wire, but I cannot afford to miss any more games.
  3. ******** soft little bitch
  4. D'Angelo Russell 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    JESUS CHRIST!!!! 24 points in first 7 min....7 3' god!
  5. Enes Kanter 2017-18 Season Outlook

    tanking knicks? doubt it......
  6. ibtimes lol this is not a source. This is an opinion.
  7. Lmao ok...u so smart
  8. even if he misses next 2 games, next game after that is not until Wednesday of the playoffs.....but then he has a fri/sat b2b
  9. it was his i expect about a 1-2 weeks (about 5-6 games) worth of restrictions.
  10. out another talks of ven 5v5 practice yet....
  11. and here i thought Gelo was the family thief lol
  12. Russell and Kawii are free agents

    Austin lol smart lol commmon bro.