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  1. Dont...unless you want to deal with this crap all season.. Draft Harden, punt fg%/TO...and win the league with flying colors.
  2. Eveyone who uses Yahoo.. AD's ADP is 1.4 Harden's ADP is 3.2
  3. LOL @ people who said he is a clear #1 compared to Harden and KAT lolzzzz I have #1 pick on my draft tonight and did not even consider this charmin soft a** dude before the injury
  4. In many cases Vuc is being drafted 2 spots before Ayton....would you guys agree that is the correct order? I feel Ayton might have more to prove, but Vuc was a gem last year!
  5. Who you you consider a better 2nd round pick...Ayton or Vuc?
  6. Agreed if you look at it that way. I play in a 14 team league with friends i've known for 15+ years since highschool and university....the regular season winner gets a good sum of money (around $300), but ultimately we are all in it for the bragging rights and the championship...the bragging rights and chirping rights are all that matter, and a regular season win does not get you that. Ship or bust. If you are in it for the money, then try to build a well balanced team and finish first.
  7. I know a Jokic/Drummond/Draymond could work, but you are basically punting 3 cats off the bat (pts, 3's and ft%). If you build your team correctly it could work, but the rest of your draft needs to be damn near perfect. Was you plan to punt 3 cats? I am surprised you didn't go with a Jokic/Vuc pairing...i think that is what I am leaning towards and then I just punt blocks...
  8. Most of us are in it to win championships.....if you want to win your regular season, then not punting is the way to go. I personally do not care for regular season wins and therefore I punt..
  9. You dont have to punt with Jokic (or anyone for that matter)....but punting (in a H2H category league, not roto), will always give you the best chance to win. Its wise to punt. With Jokic you punt blocks or 3's. Lillard you punt blocks as well....KAT can punt assists or 3's...Embiid punt fg, Harden punt fg% etc etc...It open up more value for you later on in the draft if you punt... Is it Will it help you win...yes.
  10. You are not punting with your first are punting with your 2nd, 3rd and 4th picks.....
  11. I like the Jokic/Booker pairing, but honestly, Booker scares me. Played 50ish games 2 years ago (was shut down end of season), and played 60ish games last season (also shut down).... I dont see why Suns wouldn't just shut him down again since its not like they have a shot at the playoffs....
  12. Fair. I agree with a lot of what you said. I guess I’m gonna end up drafting this chubster lol
  13. So no one is worried about his weight and/or resting him since he was so winded in last years playoffs?? Edit: Now rotoworld is reporting there are rumors they could manage his load.... Dame looking better and better by the day