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  1. Thanks for bringing me the ship bro!! Got you with my 44th pick ... vuccccci gang 4 life
  2. Needed 3s to lock up the trophy....Thursday night I dropped Tobias for Pope since I would get 2 games from him vs 1 from Tobias. andddddddd now the ship is all but locked up!! Thank you Mr.Pope...I will consider you as a last pick next year out of respect.
  3. Same. This could be the best WW pick up (I picked him up in week 1 or 2) in the last decade. Maybe Spida Mitchell comes close last year, but what Siakam is doing this year is unprecedented.
  4. No even close to a vetoable trade. the hell is your league smoking?
  5. Wanted to pick this guy up for the Fri/Sun game since it works so well with my schedule...not sure its the best idea tho lol
  6. lolzzzzz...good call bro 😂 TB about to bring me to the promised land! I picked him up 3 days ago and my opponent has Ayton....seeing Bryant destroy Ayton was just glorious!!
  7. All the Bulls are out They literally might have to call up some guys from Gleague tonight. I could really use a monster game from Dame to help me in the finals, but I can also see this being a huge blowout and a lot of starters (esp Dame), not playing many minutes.
  8. If this guy brings me a trophy this year, i am buying his jersey. As a resident and fan of Toronto, its the least I could do for a guy I plucked off the WW in week 3. Will edit this post with pic of me in said jersey. Lets go Spicy P!!!! The final stretch!!! Its yourssssssssssssssssss
  9. Been playing fantasy for 7 years now and this is the first time i've drafted Lillard...with my 14th pick. Would not hesitate to take him in the top 10 next year.....consistent af. He's the only one to not let me down on my team (him and Vooch)...... I'd ride with him every year without hesitation. Keep it up these next 2 weeks Dame....and then kill the West once the real playoffs start
  10. Draft either one or both of Lillard and/or KAT and don’t stress yourself about injuries or managing loads like the other suckers in your league