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  1. Are we still looking at him as a WR1 after this offense showed its run first mentality yesterday?
  2. I'm big time on JuJu this year. I just drafted #10 in a 10 team and just went JuJu/Cook back to back
  3. I didn;t hold him because im good at RB, but if you have depth issues def hold til next week if you can. He may give people a good playoff run as a flex
  4. To be fair this train isn't moving at a high speed. I don't expect Lamar to look that great if he starts, he's still at least a year or two away.
  5. i'll ask for a little more then. I need 15!
  6. Yes. I would especially after watching Keenan yesterday. He got some squeaky wheel treatment and i think he gets heavily targeted the rest of the year on a comfy schedule/ good offense. You may be able to jump higher and get a Hopkins or Thielen if the owner needs RB's bad
  7. Eh tha'ts why i hate playing leagues without a flex. You could get something better for JuJu than just Andy Luck. Maybe ad an upside WR on the other guys team with luck for JuJu/Stafford http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/732862-zeke-for-james-white-whir/
  8. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/732862-zeke-for-james-white-whir/
  9. All depends on how good the RB's are on teams with weak TE's in your league. Maybe if the James White owner is depleted at TE and has Good RB depth you could shoot him an offer for White
  10. Eh, I think you;re putting to much Value on your QB situation. Goff has put up great numbers for me this year. Maybe try to do a straight up trade for Deshaun Watson as i think he will have a big ROS. Otherwise i'd stay patient and stick with your current team http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/732862-zeke-for-james-white-whir/
  11. 1 point PPR. Was just offered Zeke for White. Really want to pull the trigger but know the Dallas O line is down this year and the Pats still use White a lot no matter if Michel is back or not.... Should I do it?
  12. Jaire Alexander is going to be a shut down CB here in a few years
  13. yeah how the hell did that happen so quickly. Was the PPR steal of the year with JAmes White then all the sudden a couple ribs and bad game script later he's droppable?
  14. Eh, i'd say wait for the bye week before shopping him. Maybe they can get decent or better WR signed by then.