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  1. Eric Bledsoe 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    Safe to drop him? Im on a bye this week but would like to add a replacement ASAP since I have Love on IR and want to keep him there until his games next week.
  2. 2016 Team Defense /ST and Kicker Thread

    Week 16: LA vs SF or CIN @ HOU
  3. I'd go with Williams. Thanks for your help!
  4. TE Help! WHIR please leave link

    I agree, Go with C.Fied. Houston will need to throw a lot to keep up.
  5. Need help with playoff roster WHIR

    Cooks and Broncos. Too much uncertainty with RG3. Even though Tenn is better offense, Broncos should create turnovers and sacks. Thanks for your help with mine.
  6. Week 15: Brees Kaep or Manning? WHIR

    Thanks for your help. Sorry I couldnt answer yours before kickoff.
  7. Have a bye this weekend. Week 15 Brees is @ AZ. Waiver options of Kaep @ ATL and Manning vs DET. 6 points per TD. No bonus points. Also Tyrod Taylor vs CLE but I dont really trust him. Who would you guy go with? Thanks!
  8. 2016 Team Defense /ST and Kicker Thread

    Got a first round bye and looking for DST for weeks 15 and 16. Which combo would you take? week 15: PHI vs BAL RAMS @ SEA MIA @ JETS NO @ AZ Week 16: SD @ CLE SF @ RAMS AZ @ SEA Thanks!
  9. Ryan Anderson 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    I wish I could sell. He has no value
  10. Ryan Anderson 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    Really thinking about dropping him for Marvin Williams. At least Marvin gives you more rebounds, assists, steals and blocks.
  11. I would try to trade Cobb or Pryor for Reed.
  12. I dropped Vinatieri for Gostkowski last week due to bye. Should I pick Vinatieri back up or roll with Gostkowski? Thanks!
  13. Matt Jones 2016 Season Outlook

    Yeah thats exactly my feeling. He's my on my bench as insurance but I would never feel comfortable starting him.
  14. Matt Jones 2016 Season Outlook

    Is anyone still holding on to Jones in PPR? Uncertainty with Kelley taking over or increased touches. Tough remaining schedule. Questions on his injury. Better to take a flier on a high end handcuff like Morris or soon to be returning RB like Starks?