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  1. I let him go for a lottery handcuff. Feels bad man
  2. I guess there's some secret discord group talking down Bridgewater and spamming that he's awful here. Not sure what their intention is--maybe to buy low on Thomas or Kamara. But its funny to hear you all talk down without any ability to back it up. I bet you never watched him play for the Vikings. Feel free to quote me when it turns how he isn't "garbage."
  3. What makes you say he is horrible? You haven't seen him play in years and he had incredible promise for the Vikings.
  4. Hope you all scrambled your way back to the train before it left. Chugga. Chugga.
  5. No way dude, don't make me pull this out. He has a top 5 QB throwing to him. Tons of weapons. Powerful HOLD.
  6. Yeah dude. It is an issue. He's too hip to be square and its a problem
  7. I think he's a top 25 RB play this week, which goes against industry rankings. My logic: -Barber started the first game and Dare took passing downs, and RoJo still had his shot. We didn't need this variable to change to assume RoJo would get another shot at a few series this Thursday. -Every RoJo carry looked fantastic. -Winston is doing poorly, possibly resulting in a bigger lean on the run. -Carolina was gashed for 166 rushing yards and 2 rushing TDs in week 1. -Caviat is the game script. Can Tampa can keep it close? -I see 72 yards rushing for RoJo on 14 carries and a TD, and 10 yards on two receptions. -Getcha popcorn
  8. Maybe in the sense that the crazy Will Fuller season from two years ago was boom-or-bust. A cannon for an arm in the backfield is the only thing a player like this needs.
  9. I am not being sarcastic when I say this: try meditation because I think I can see how you're feeling right now through your words. QBs are interchangeable, its been proven with decades of empirical fantasy evidence. Its okay that you don't have Mahomes. Its going to be just fine. Whether with Goff or another of the top 15 QBs you wind up with.
  10. Confession... I'm a bit confused as to why Ballage's ADP is so high on a bad team with a good running back ahead of him. I drafted him because at the end of the auction I didn't know the names. Per usual, I go for ADP bargains and then research them after. Its pure coincidence I drafted Drake (who I also feel bad about.) Worst case scenario is they each get 45 all purpose yards, zero TDs and then I am stuck with both. What was the hype train that moved Ballage so high up with other more interesting flyers out there like Lesean McCoy, Justice Hill, and Ogunbowale available?
  11. I kept him for eight weeks and dropped for Sutton... I hate you guys
  12. Super weird game script. I'm not worried. He's still top 15 at worst.
  13. You guys want to go back to roasting me about personally like Golladay over TY? TY should bounce back next week, but the colts offense is no longer a burner-friendly offense. Consider him DJax.