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  1. Lavine and Bam have a lot more upside relative to their ADP I would stay, Lavine can be really good in points so I would hold.
  2. I would take that trade if you aren’t really dependent on bam for big man stats.
  3. Parker is a great player, he’s earning his minutes for later, they can always run Collins at the 5 and him at the 4. THJ is the drop.
  4. I think Winslow does a little bit of everything which is better for your team. Hunter will be erratic but if Trae has more ankle issues he could be great. I would say Winslow.
  5. If you need the assists definitely. You’d lose blocks and some boards but not much. CP3 also might go to a contender which will up his value, Brolo is locked into his role.
  6. WW doesn’t look too bad right now, TJ Warren, Aron Baynes, Rui Hachimura, I like Dario and Herro too. Last in my league and I like IT but he’s best off the bench not starting, don’t know if I can afford him or if he’ll even get back to his old self. Points league. Jokic Westbrook Lauri Markkanen Isiah Thomas Levert Taurean Prince Whiteside Gordon Hayward Ibaka Fultz Aaron Gordon Melo Brook Lopez Frank Ntilinka Nerlens Noel Steph (IL)
  7. I would do it. Sky’s the limit for Donkic and if it’s a keeper that’s huge. Pretty pricey, I would try and get a slight downgrade on Simmons or Adebayo but given the nature of the league I would do it.
  8. Drop Jingles, no one wants him right now anyway. Bench Jingles isn’t working right now.
  9. Love and Jrue are good man, I would see if you can upgrade Lavine or LMA in that trade, Lavine particularly if you don’t want to punt FG%.
  10. Grab Rozier, Fournier is going to get overshadowed by Fultz soon but remember the night he scored 3 points
  11. I say Millsap, safest bet even though Clarke has great per minute production.
  12. Idk if Booker will necessarily beast against Washington, they will prob blow them out and other guys might step up, I would take Lopez over him this week, hard to beat or match 4 games from him even with Book. Lopez will do better in tough matchups imo, and Utah is a good matchup for a center that shoots threes.
  13. Lillard and either guy is good but all three is too much.