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  1. if he comes back in 4 weeks thats semi finals for me. I’m sitting solid in 1st place so I may just hold for a few weeks and check on his progress. rest well Jimmy Buckets, I needs you.
  2. as a Turner owner I would do the trade as I’ve been pretty frustrated all season with him. Value wise I would get Turner. He does have the upside to give elite numbers. Like others have said before, Gallo is a glass cannon and extremely prone to getting hurt. Being in an 8 teamer, there should be some decent players on the waiver so I’d take Turner + 1
  3. Jokic+Rubio for Towns+KCP WHIR

    Trade finalized! At least I got Jokic’s beast game before he left. If he pulls a bunch of these trip doubles out his a** I’ll be a sad Towns owner
  4. Nikola Jokic 2017-18 Season Outlook

    quadruple double alert....
  5. Nikola Jokic 2017-18 Season Outlook

    man. my brain tells me I did the right thing trading him for Towns but my heart is telling me... “DONT GOOOO NIKOLAA”
  6. hm, I’d aim for someone better than KCP. Covington would be someone I think you might be able to get as he’s in a slump at the moment.
  7. Which side wins? I love Jokic and Rubio was insane before he got hurt but I really like the consistency of Towns. KCP is just a throwin but he’s been servicable. Also think Jokic’s numbers may drop a bit when Milsap comes back. Any thoughts? Drop your links below
  8. Vent & Rant Thread 2017-2018

    You in an 8 teamer, you non-believer? The lord shall striketh you down.
  9. probably someone waiver material; someone insignificant with low potential ROS
  10. My Lowry for his Rubio and Nance

    I'd take Lowry. Rather have a proven PG over Rubio even if Rubio is having career numbers right now. -Rubio Owner.
  11. Was offered Otto Porter 100% WHIR

    huge fan of Otto but you're giving up a little too much. If Jabari was upgraded to a better player, I would strongly consider.
  12. Kyrie vs Horford+Bled Which side wins? WHIR as always
  13. I'd take Kanter, DJ is gunna kill your FT while Kanter is actually a really good FT shooter. Won't help you with blocks but the rebounds are going to come in spades.
  14. kawhi was also dropped in one of my leagues. Unfortunately, its the league where I'm 11/12 and literally need every roster spot to try for a final push into 8th place. If he's dropped in my other league where I'm top 3, I'm using my #1 waiver, idc.
  15. wish I could buy low except I own AG in both leagues. 100% sure his early season success wasnt a fluke and he’s just going through a cold stretch. Possibly his confidence is down but still a long season and expect him to finish Top 30 when it’s all said and done. I mean its damn near impossible to continue shooting at Ricky Rubio’s FG% for the rest of the season.