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  1. LOL I'm used my second to last add on mcgee and dropping him on the 17th to get in one more game on the 18th. The struggles.
  2. times are tough when I’m about to drop this guy for javale mcgee; mister shaqtin a fool.
  3. why is either of those two players even available for pickup...
  4. um. even tho I’m a believer of our lord, not taking PG13 is just silly. RoCo’s ceiling is probably PG 13’s floor... IN OTHER NEWS HE HAS RISEN!!
  5. in an no IR league so not really worth the risk.
  6. in first, but playoffs in 2 weeks so I dropped. if he returns in 4 weeks, thats my finals.
  7. if he comes back in 4 weeks thats semi finals for me. I’m sitting solid in 1st place so I may just hold for a few weeks and check on his progress. rest well Jimmy Buckets, I needs you.
  8. man. my brain tells me I did the right thing trading him for Towns but my heart is telling me... “DONT GOOOO NIKOLAA”
  9. You in an 8 teamer, you non-believer? The lord shall striketh you down.
  10. kawhi was also dropped in one of my leagues. Unfortunately, its the league where I'm 11/12 and literally need every roster spot to try for a final push into 8th place. If he's dropped in my other league where I'm top 3, I'm using my #1 waiver, idc.
  11. wish I could buy low except I own AG in both leagues. 100% sure his early season success wasnt a fluke and he’s just going through a cold stretch. Possibly his confidence is down but still a long season and expect him to finish Top 30 when it’s all said and done. I mean its damn near impossible to continue shooting at Ricky Rubio’s FG% for the rest of the season.
  12. This guy is showing Roy Hibbert-like symptoms. The Indian Pacers have a curse on their centers.
  13. I was wondering who ate Jokic’s wheaties this morning. NIOCEEEE GARRRYY.
  14. ouch. Kuz has been solid albeit defensive stats. I traded a laker for Rubio as well (Clarkson) which I thought was a steal. Although Rubio has been really bad, he was trending up until the last game where pretty much everyone on the Jazz had a forgettable game. He's not going to return good value for anyone that drafted him but if it was on the waiver and not named Rubio, I'm sure many people would rush to pick him up just based on his steals and assist potential.
  15. the one day I sit him... Jamal Murray better go OFFF tonight.
  16. Traded Jordan Clarkson. I'm punting pts so rubio's steals and assists (?) should come in handy.
  17. 4 fouls and a missed wide open alley oop dunk. Just here for the laughs.
  18. sheesh. I can stomach the 30% fg when he gives me stocks, rebs and asts but when he goes 6-5-2 shooting 12% I wanna pull my hair out.
  19. Doubtful you'll get 16pts. With Otto's improved game, I predict a dip in Kieff's points. Oubre Jr also has shown improvement which I believe will take away from Kieff's game. I think he'll get somewhere around 12 points a game, 5.5 boards and somewhere around .8 steals and .8 threes. With his decent %'s and low TO's he'll crack Top 100 value.
  20. here you go buddy. you may have lost your way on the way to that thread.
  21. 90 million reasons to give Millsap more playing time. Sap is actually a really good player though. Once he finds his groove with Denver, Jokic might put up even better numbers