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  1. He had one special teams tackle last year but I don't think he is an asset on the special teams for this year. Brees gave him a dime vs the Texans, he caught it, got hit and lost the ball. Was initially ruled a fumble.
  2. Brees really trusts him. He is the new Lance Moore. I don't see Snead's role changing at all. In PPR I'm taking Snead no questions, in standard maybe you gamble on Thomas just because the Saints don't have any redzone bodies outside of Fleener and I wouldnt be shocked if Coleman gets cut.
  3. I think Grant is returning kicks this year for Miami.
  4. If the Saints OL doesn't improve, this offense will not be a fantasy goldmine, the schedule doesn't help. Ingram, RB1, Cooks WR1,Fleener TE1, Snead WR3 and Thomas WR3? He has looked great but I'm not buying the Thomas hype it's getting out of control.
  5. Yeah, has to be Blue or Hilliard.
  6. is Blue still the handcuff for Miller?
  7. 67 that was a hell of a game
  8. Axe Elf also says Devante Parker will be a top 15 WR. That definitely doesn't make Axe Elf some type of FF genius.
  9. PPR WR D.Bryant (at his current price I'll pass; just have a bad feeling about him) same with Gronk and AP E.Sanders K.Benjamin J.Matthews RB A.Peterson C.Anderson J.Stewart T.Rawls J.Hill TE R.Gronkowski J.Reed G.Barnidge
  10. Coates will be on waiver wires by week 4-5
  11. = PPR (im high on landry) Antonio Brown Odell Beckham Jr. Julio Jones A.J. Green DeAndre Hopkins Allen Robinson Dez Bryant Brandon Marshall Keenan Allen Jordy Nelson Alshon Jeffery Brandin Cooks Jarvis Landry Mike Evans Sammy Watkins
  12. Yeah no way he scores 6.4 TD's
  13. My problem is more with Tannehill.
  14. I can see how he drops in PPR and Duke rises but in standard Crowell is a big sleeper. Coleman and Gordon should help that offense out but the big question mark is on RG3