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  1. Yeah 49ers tanking the rest of the season for the 1st overall
  2. The fact this thread is dead after he exploded shows no one started him lol. Fantasy football for yah
  3. Yeah been playing about 8 years this was easily my worse. Made playoffs in 1/6 leagues and got 6th in that one.
  4. I've learned to ignore rankings of players like this. Rankings tend to always be on the safe side.
  5. I tell myself dont chase points from un proven players and still couldnt fight the urge to bench this bum
  6. wouldve been nice to face this brees last week
  7. coach no concerned. he doesnt practice tomorrow im going to have to find a replacement.
  8. It's a hamstring injury for Ivory. I can't see him playing AT ALL
  9. Kendricks had a solid game vs the Saints last week. I'm starting him
  10. started d parker over d adams shoot me
  11. lost because of greg olsens late catch. also sanders went off last night
  12. rawls seems to exert so much energy trying to run fast
  13. Did the same looks like we broke even.
  14. Sherman cries everytime he gets beat
  15. have to imagine seattle will make adjustments. with that being said i need about 20 more points to feel good.