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  1. Signed with Saints. Looks like Ingrams replacement.
  2. Would take him as Ingrams replacement.
  3. The whole Saints starting OL is under contract next year,.
  4. Next year the Saints will get another TE or slot WR. Plus Meredith should be healthy. I would not pick Thomas in the 1st.
  5. I'm in a 2 keeper that allows draft pick trades. I have Mixon Conner Diggs Mike Thomas and Adams. Probably keep Conner and Adams. Wish I could keep Mixon
  6. You can't look at some of these rosters and tell me this isn't all luck
  7. Kind of ****** that punt return counts against Denver D
  8. Need 14 from Denver D thanks to gronk donut I'm done
  9. So ironic a guy named Rudolph murders me near Christmas