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  1. I just can not see Rawls staying healthy. I see his upside but feel he will be a headache to own next year.
  2. Drafting in the 2nd half of the first round will be challenging next year.
  3. Amari Cooper
  4. 81 leagues man what a terrible list besides M Thomas being on 19/81 teams and Crabtree on 28/81 LOL
  5. The beauty and beast of the Saints offense is you can't really zero in on 1 guy because the others will beat you. Cooks and Snead are respectable. Best thing for Thomas' value is Cooks staying with the Saints and I'm sure they will exercise his 5th year option. I'll be drafting Thomas as a top 10 WR next year. He gave Richard Sherman problems.
  6. Rishard will be on my wr4 radar next year if the Titans don't draft a WR high or pick a notable one up in FA.
  7. I'd take him in the 3rd.
  8. But they dont and the offense seems to be doing fine and he never complains. No reason to believe it will change.
  9. Has zero to do with me being a Saints fan. I'm not bias as I have Julio in keepers.
  10. Arob was in the slot?
  11. I'm going to try to find data on where specific WR's ran most of their slots. For example, TY was a guy that ran a majority of snaps out of the slot and it made him basically matchup proof. Edelman and Landry are other guys who normally avoided the oppositions best CB. I read earlier that the Giants were moving Odell around the formation and even into the slot to create matchup problems. Any other guys who moved around his year or you think will have the potential to next?
  12. I think we've seen Julio's peak and will see a gradual decline which usually starts at 28 for WR's. He already has nagging injuries. Probably will get drafted late 1st next year.
  13. This is tough because only a few tight ends have matchup winning ability but his health is a red flag. Alot of us struggled at the tight end position and steamed. I'll have a decision of deciding 2 between Evans, Julio and him to keep next year. If the reports are great I may gamble.
  14. I was extremely high on marvin this year but I learned a lesson from drafting him and will try to avoid WR's in new systems or with new QB's next year.