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  1. After a 1 pt PPR game plus it being nationally televised I'm not surprised. It was agonizing watching Adams, Cobb and Ty have big games and Jordy have 1 catch but I won't truly go into panic mode unless he stinks vs ATL
  2. Looks like Sterling Moore will be out for the Saints. This secondary is easily the worst in the league. Moore was responsible for limiting Beckham when they faced the Giants. I think Baldwin Graham and Kearse will eat this game might even get a deep one to Lockett on that turf.
  3. I would feel pretty decent with him as my WR3 in favorable matchups like this. His TD catch was impressive.
  4. A few weeks ago I picked him over Hilton in a trade because of the schedule and targets (Moncrief coming back soon). I feel pretty good about him ROS as long as none of the rookies take over.
  5. So yall expect White to just get replaced? Pairing the two up is smart.
  6. Hard for me to keep a guy who put up 1.5 on my roster. I dont like that floor
  7. he is basically jarvis landry with one of the greatest qbs of all time and in a potent offense. I'll take his floor.
  8. I feel comfortable playing him as a rb2 in plus matchups like the one coming up with SD
  9. I Can't even get Tyrell Williams for this guy
  10. I just hope he avoids Trufant on most of his routes
  11. dont agree with it but hey i own him
  12. Geno done..Fitz BACK
  13. They have a bye in 3 weeks so hopefully he can return before then.
  14. Jimmy Graham and CJ Spiller #revengegames