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  1. This guy is legit. He'll go through his slumps but he'll always break out and hit again if given the at bats.
  2. Yordan owners should be prepared for this guy to get the call first anyways, since he is on the 40 man roster and is better with the glove in the OF. Just saying.
  3. I like this guys plate discipline and power potential too much to just write him off. He slumped after being super hot as pitchers undoubtedly started to adjust, but Id bet on him making adjustments and getting hot again.
  4. You can try to offer Eickhoff for him but I doubt he takes it. Paddock might get it done
  5. Altuve and Cole Hamels for Trevor Bauer and Nelson Cruz Which side?
  6. If people really think this guy isn't going to keep playing if he keeps hitting even when they redsox are fully healthy youre deluding yourself.
  7. Funny how people are acting like this guy has no power...I mean he hit 22 HRs last year in minors and MLB and just because he hasn't gone yard yet this year the power isn't there and he wont be very useful. It's still April for crying out loud.
  8. I mean is there a reason why Nimmo is back leading off?
  9. A couple bad games and he’s being dropped for guys like Danny green? I need to play in those leagues.
  10. I think people are a little too pessimistic about Butler's fantasy value in Philly. He's prob going to be in beast mode. He's been taking a lot of flack for his antics in Minny and he's probably going to be playing with a chip on his shoulder.
  11. I’d feel a lot better about Teague If Rose wasn’t there. The way Rose is balling out there is no way he doesn’t eat into Teague.