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  1. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/buccaneers-jameis-winston-likely-to-play-through-broken-thumb/#:~:targetText=Winston is expected to play,the Tampa Bay Times reports.&targetText=Stroud adds that Winston will,with a hand specialist Monday. Winston is expected to play through a broken thumb on his throwing hand in Sunday's game against the Lions, Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times reports.
  2. Julio Jones is like Donald and Goofy in Kingdom Hearts. You want Julio to lower you into your fantasy grave so you can be let down one more time.
  3. Steelers offense is crap. Why would anyone have a Steelers player on their roster unless you're in a super deep league 🤨
  4. Sigh. Have Jameis and Godwin. Heading into the playoffs, all I wanted was a healthy roster. Don't know if Jameis will play with his tiny hand fracture. Mike Evans hurt. Going to have some joke backup tossing balls to Godwin in triple coverage.
  5. Eh. Not really. If he scores on either of his end zone targets, we're singing a different tune and another monster day. Ertz put up massive targets the past two seasons when Alshon has been healthy.
  6. Dropped Tyler Higbee at 12:20 when I saw Ertz was playing. Picked him back up at 12:49 because I had a feeling. Started Higbee.
  7. Ez game, ez life. Most importantly, the Titans secured the victory, ensuring they'll be deep into the playoff hunt come weeks 15-16.
  8. Whelp, if you played him, he was probably in your flex out of desperation. In this case, you gotta be happy with what he gave you.
  9. Minshew wasn't much better. Two turnovers himself, including a very bad one in the end zone. Jacksonville seems to really just lose its collective minds near the goalline. 1st down from the 2 led to 0 points and 0 Leonard Fournette runs.I think Foles can push the ball better down the field than Minshew and is a much better QB. I think they'll go back to him next game, but I don't know if anyone should trust him in fantasy ROS.
  10. Moving forward, I think there's something to be said about having age cutoffs for drafting certain positions. I think Julio has reached that point and gone beyond. He's still a productive player, especially in PPR, but he's a late second rounder or third rounder moving forward in 10 team, and I'd rather have a younger guy with a bit more TD potential. He's been a top-3 ranked receiver nearly every week and he never produces those numbers. I don't recall ADP, but I got him as a second round bookend with Davante Adams.
  11. I have Julio, ertz, and d. Henry and historically get crap injuries just before the playoffs. So, nothing new here.
  12. Based on what Vrabel just said, seems like it's just a rest day after he potentially tweaked something.
  13. With Dalton back in the fold, I for some reason picked green up off waivers after dropping him a week ago. My leaguemates didn't even bother. I guess I'm back on the train for at least one more week? Its been a needless ride!