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  1. How on earth does this guy not have a pg tag on ESPN?
  2. I'd go with WCS all day in a points chance Gallo plays enough games
  3. You can get way more for Vuc. Or hold him, going to have a big season. If you must trade, get more
  4. Tough one. If you fancy yourself on the wire, I'd go with the AD side and drop lamb, like the previous poster hinted to. Bjelica will come back down to earth, so it's an AD trade. If you have anything solid on the wire, I go with AD
  5. I have Booker coming back off IR, need to create a spot. Who should I drop? 12 Team H2H Points PG Lowry/Wall / Rubio SG Booker (ir) / Lavine SF Covington / Gay PF Mirotic / Barnes / WCJ C Embiid / Robinson
  6. Could be more of a AC Forum question...but Jamychal is available on my wire and I can't figure out where I value him. Should have opportunity to produce. Anyone high on him this year?