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  1. I'd take it as long as you have somebody else to play this week in case Robinson sits.
  2. He's locked until Wednesday morning since Denver played last night.
  3. Normally I'd agree on Davis but I petty much have to play him this week with Robinson being a game time decision and the Titans playing in London. If i don't and Robinson sits I take a 0 for my WR.
  4. Keep Ertz. Is play up the cheap cost to whoever you make an offer to. You might get more than you think for him.
  5. A guy in my league has been killed by injuries and dropped Dalvin Cook today to be able to fill his starting positions. I'm able to out bid everyone in my league for him but it won't leave me much for the rest of the season. Is he worth it and who should I drop for him? I'm thinking Engram since Njoku had been a target magnet since Baker took over. My team is below. QB - Rivers, Winston RB - DJ, Mixon, Ingram, Freeman WR - Julio, Evans, Robinson, Baldwin, Davis TE - Njoku, Engram
  6. Drop the ravens d. Chicago is past their bye and you'll be playing them every week from here on out.
  7. If I were you I'd try to trade package Diggs and Freeman for an for an upgrade at rb. Once you get Adams Diggs is just going to sit on your bench. You should be able to turn him into something you really need which is an rb1.
  8. Carson and White. Seattle only wants to run and KC vs NE is gonna be a shot out.
  9. I've got Luck and Rivers or i could drop one of them to pick up Winston.
  10. I'd go with Ekeler. The chargers are going to have to put up some points and the weakness of the rams D is LB.
  11. Drop Ebron. He's only playing 25-30% of the snaps. He's gotten lucky with the tds so far. Philly has a tough d up the middle. I wouldn't be surprised to see him only put up 2 for 17 yards this week. The bears will figure or things with Burton, just be patient. For the d is go with the ravens. Both of wrs in Denver are banged up and they're going to be playing pissed after losing to the Bengals last week.
  12. Id hold on to dj unless you have good rb depth behind him and really need the wr help.
  13. They both have bad match ups this week.
  14. Qb - Rivers, Luck Rb - DJ, Mixon, R Freeman, J Williams, Ingram Wr - Julio, Evans, Robinson, Davis, Baldwin Te - Engram, Njoku
  15. I really like Davis assuming the titans get the qb situation together. How does his team look for the season? If he is going to end up doing well and you get an early 2nd then I would do it.