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  1. I hear ya man..It always seem to be some last second crazy thing near the end on Monday Night...
  2. Lost on that last Cook TD... Sucks watching entire game and surviving and get nailed by a garbage time TD....Not the first time its happened wont be the last...If it wasn't for luck we would all be every year champs...Long off season...Im sure my team will go off next week not that im out...
  3. I honestly like ingram. Saints are going to destroy the bucs and defense is trending up a bit..Might even get a defensive td.... Ingram will get his....Fire up ur saints... Ingram, Woods godwin....
  4. I think Sony is the safe bet...Chubb has great upside and Cohen could blowup. If your behind the 8 ball and need more boom or bust then Chubb and Cohen is the way to go....
  5. That’s a tough one I love Cohen but seems like a delicious matchup for McCoy. Doubt buffalo is behind by much so won’t be all about Allen passing and throwing. Could see a 100 yard rushing game 4 or 5 receptions and a td or 2. Cohen is more about big plays and sometimes they don’t happen but if rams pour it on offensively then Cohen should eat a lot of receptions. So I’m going to say this. If u are looking for a safer bet go with MCCoy. If ur up against a monster team and need a homer possibly run with Cohen. Either way I think u cannot go wrong though.
  6. Shady set up for good game. A lot of hype with Jones but Cincy will be playing from behind so garbage time catches and maybe a td for Boyd. Plus 2 bills ah no. At qb. More hype on jameis but gotta go with him as they will be way behind. Brady will probably have a 250 2 td game but they seem to be a more running team with ball control. So if they get close to gl might be a lot of 1 yard plunges for RBs. Go with Brate. A lot of garbage time.
  7. Hmm tough choices. Def Ware as he is the RB in Kc now. The other is between jones and c. Samuel. I lean towards Samuel with Olsen out and he also gets a few carries on reverses. Might take one to house. A lot of hype with Jones but don’t know if I see him blowing up again. Maybe but not on a team like that.
  8. TD only league. Leaning towards Samuels and Cohen as Cincy will get destroyed by Chargers leaving less chance for a Mixon Td Thoughts. WHIR
  9. Ryan has been shaky lately but I think this could be a high scoring game against GB. Neither team has much to play for so they might just air it out...Winston could see some garbage time in a potential Saints blowout but the Saints D has been better lately and this could just be a complete blowout..I lean towards Ryan but not excited by either...
  10. Drop Ian Thomas. No room for him. Other then him would consider dropping Edwards.
  11. Obvious choice is mixon but with the offensive struggles of Cincinnati I’m leaning towards Samuel. TD only league. Please advise. Thanks.
  12. I don't know if the Bears have faced an offense like this yet. Gurley should be fine...just dont fall at the 1 yard line anymore...The first one I agreed with , the one yesterday I did not..There was over 2 minutes left in the game and it gives u a 14 point lead. U don't know if the snap gets fumbled on the next play or anything...