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  1. I chose Happ and dropped Matz in a similar situation in one of my leagues. I just trust him more and like you said, who knows when and how long Matz will pitch for before going out again.
  2. Well I was close, except for Lemahieu. Frazier 0-3 Polanco 0-5 Piscotty 0-4 Lemahieu 3-4. Run Ramirez 1-5, run, hr, RBI, sb Margot 2-5 Judge 2-5, 2 runs, hr, RBI Kipnis 1-4
  3. Another for Harvey, I'd give up Joey for less in the league I have him in if I could.
  4. Hell boy at this point.
  5. Frazier, Lemahieu, Polanco, Piscotty...
  6. Well your offense should be able to hold up while he's out. Who to drop for Bundy is tough, I've never been a big fan of Quintana. I know he was drafted early though. Maybe do a two for one with Lackey or Quintana and a bat in exchange for a bat and pick up Bundy?( I want to free up space with my Marte in a 12 team h2h but can't yet and he obviously has more value in roto.)
  7. Sorry, just noticed the link to your question. Can't see the rest of your team but I believe Bundy has to be owned at this point. 2 bench spots is rough, and it may be tough to hold onto Marte and compete for the next couple months. I have a feeling someone else will scoop him up before you have the chance to again. It always happens. What does the rest of your offense look like? (Can't see sigs)
  8. Just checked, taken. Hate this league!
  9. In a no trade league, I only have Jim Johnson and Raisel. Looking for potential closers. The only ones I see available are Jacob Barnes, Justin Wilson, and Joe Jimenez. Have Rosenthal and Bradley to drop. Would you spend FAAB and drop either of these guys for any of those?
  10. Start him tonight at Coors? I know his track record is great there... "At Coors Field, Cueto is an impressive 4-1 with a 2.43 ERA in six starts. That is the all-time lowest ERA there by a pitcher who has made at least five starts." The only thing I'm having success in my roto league is ERA, Whip, and wins. Probably safe?
  11. Definitely a well rounded team, should be competitive in all categories. Studly infield. I like your chances from the start. Could always drop a bench bat for stolen bases in needed matchups.
  12. I get: Hamels I give: Shoemaker + another player (unimportant) Who would you rather have? 12 team, h2h, redraft league tyvm
  13. Sorry, didn't realize I was in the wrong forum. Have been searching how to delete posts here. You think it wouldn't be impossible to find!