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  1. Take Upton over Peralta easily.
  2. I would think so in a shallow 14 teamer, but I'm dropping him for a streamer in my 12.
  3. Picked up Ian Happ and dropped Galvis. Would you add Victor Martinez over Hicks or Rivero? Tyvm
  4. If it were me, I'd stream McCarthy. I have Garza on my team and I'm definitely starting him until he screws it up. Holland looks like a good start, but I feel like he's gonna have trouble against LA this time, but I could justify starting all 3.
  5. Chavez v. CWS (Pelfrey) Perdomo v MIL (Anderson) Bolsinger v. ATL (Colon) WHIR
  6. Can't see your sig, but I agree with what everyone else has been saying. 4th most in points and the season just starting, I'd find it hard to have the mindset of throwing in the towel. On the other hand, I would try to sell some of those older guys if you can. I'm sure you can still compete without them.
  7. Careful, this question is going to excite Rush too much. As much as I want Desmond, I think you have a great offense and an above average staff. I'd probably hold for now as well.
  8. I hate to go against everyone else but... jk, of course you get Betts. Lucky! I wish I scooped Zimmerman when I saw him sitting on the wire if I knew this could be a possibility.
  9. Maybe a week ago, but after 3 near flawless saves I can picture him sitting there like...
  10. Don't ask how there's only $351 of a $1000 budget left, but here are the top free agents... Also, this is a no trade league...
  11. Since this is still a question a month later, I'll change my vote to Bautista at this point.
  12. What really caused Hanley's injury this time...
  13. Thanks for the help but someone doubled my bid and got him for $42, stuck with Bradley.