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  1. I'm in the same kinda situation as you, and those guys will be listed in similar spot in my draft. I was all aboard the McKinnion train early, but now I'm leaning towards Mixon. Same as the poster above, not loving the Bills offense or possible legal issues for McCoy. And the injury for McKinnion will definitely affect his options
  2. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

  3. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

  4. Torres or Rendon? WHIR

    Thanks guys.... Deal is done. I feel good with some of the young talent I got for next year (Torres, Vlad Jr, Judge, Corey Seager) and a boatload of early draft picks
  5. Torres or Rendon? WHIR

    thanks for the input so far - I'm in complete rebuild mode, and I'm trying to load up on young studs, and draft picks for next season
  6. Torres or Rendon? WHIR

    Hey fellas Which guy would you rather own for the next 2-3 seasons? Anthony Rendon or Gleyber Torres? thanks
  7. Elvis Andrus 2018 Outlook

    Elvis owners out there - what are you doing with this guy. He's been terrible
  8. Boogie or Tyreke as a keeper? WHIR

    Tyreke and I don't think it's close
  9. trade for Melvin Gordon or AJ Green? WHIR!

    Thanks Pretty sure he's going to stick with Gordon now. It was pretty much an AJ or Gordon option. He was going to keep whoever stayed. League is still kinda young, and I agree, the values aren't there yet. Some guys value 1st round picks incorrectly
  10. trade for Melvin Gordon or AJ Green? WHIR!

    No, the first 4 rounds are keepers, so a 7th round pick would equal a 3rd rounder in redraft. For our league, it's usually a common occurrence that the top teams from last year have lots of talent and lacking picks due to prior trade events. So, they have excess players and need to move them for something (or lose them before the draft). That being said, we decided on a deal for AJ Green for my 7th and 10th. That allows me to keep my #3 overall pick and my 2nd rounder. Current keepers are: Brady, AJ Green, Zeke and Mike Evans
  11. trade for Melvin Gordon or AJ Green? WHIR!

    Yea - Barley will probably go #1. Then there would be some high end guys that should probably be keepers that just missed. McKinnion, Mixon, Josh Gordon, etc. Would you go with Gordon over AJ if you could get a similar pick swap? I'm just curious if people have Gordon that much higher than AJ? thanks
  12. Hey fellas 0.5 PPR league - 4 keepers So, I've had a few recent threads about possible deals with Zeke, but I'm sticking with him for now. The owner who wanted him has some excess of players, and looking to trade to acquire picks. He's looking to move either AJ Green or Gordon. He's offered 2 deals below. With the 4 keepers, we start making actual draft picks in the start of the 5th round (I have the #3 overall pick in the draft)
  13. Big Zeke / Le'Veon trade - WHIR

    Another thing to add, we do have keeper limits on players, and for the Bell owner, this is last season to own him. I have 2 full seasons of Zeke coming up
  14. Rate My Team - WHIR

    I think your RB position is outstanding but I think that definitely affected your WR situation. Putting your faith in Goodwin as a WR2 is iffy. I do think you have some wiggle room to make deals with your depth at RB
  15. Big Zeke / Le'Veon trade - WHIR

    Yea I feel like I'm giving lots away with the loss in draft picks. For my 4th keeper, it would be either McKinnon, Josh Gordon or maybe Maroita (it was Derrick Henry before Dion Lewis arrived)