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  1. Missed his start yesterday due to illness
  2. I drafted him with my last pick last night (#260) - not sure how it's going to play out but I'll jump on the train to see what happens
  3. I know - a few guys told me after the draft I got a steal
  4. Had a draft last night, and no one was picking Cruz - had to check to make sure he wasn't injured. Got him with the #130 pick overall
  5. Thanks.. Those were all my last 3 picks. I'm hoping mcmahon goes 2b. Options for 1b and CI Alonso, Jay Bruce, Mancini, Flores
  6. Hi guys Squad is below - H2H league and we use a combo of Saves/Holds for RP's. Keepers are indicated C - Sanchez 1B - McMahon 2B - Schoop 3B - Jo Ram (k) SS - Gleyber (k) 2B/SS - Carlos Correa (k) 1B/3B - Bour OF (4) - Trout (k), Puig, Buxton, Laureano DH - Nelson Cruz Bench - Ohtani SP - Sale (k), Scherzer (k), Bieber, Maeda, Musgrove, Paddack, Luke Weaver RP - Diaz, Wil Smith, Minter, Pressly, Shane Greene
  7. Thanks - not sure if he'll even be there for me then, but I'll take a crack at it. May be passing up some other guys but wait and see
  8. Hi fellas I think i'm going to try and get him at #61 in a H2H league Is that too early? - i really think he has a chance to go 30/20
  9. Yea sounds right to me. And to be 100% honest he may not even be there at 61 with the way the hype train is rolling now ( I'm in a 4 OF league)
  10. Fellas - what's the typical ADP you're seeing lately? I'd like to take a chance at him (draft tomorrow night) but my first pick after keepers is #61, and then nothing till #90. I don't see any chance he falls to 90 considering the hype now
  11. I'm not a fan of the Rendon for Berrios deal - but if you can get Buehler, then I'd do it. I think with your depth at 3B, you can get a deal done for a squad looking to unload pitching.
  12. How you got those 3 - unreal. I'll jump in on your post now - thanks!