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  1. I didn't want to, but had to drop to move AD to IR. I dont have the wiggle room in my league to have him in a roster spot. Especially with his non existent return date
  2. Kluber or Corbin? WHIR

    Corbin 27
  3. Mad Max trade - WHIR

    Mad Max owner agrees to move Vlad and the #21 pick for Max and 12th rounder. Would still leave me picks #1, #9 , #11 and #20, with a current set of keepers with Judge, JoRam, Sale, and Max (still need 1 or 2 more if possible)
  4. Mad Max trade - WHIR

  5. Mad Max trade - WHIR

    Yea, with getting Max, that would leave me with still a bunch of picks and a starting rotation of Sale and Max
  6. Keeper league help?

    I like the value of Ohtani in the 20th - thanks for the help on mine
  7. Mad Max trade - WHIR

    Sorry for the confusion: I currently own Vlad The offer: I would send Vlad + 2nd round pick FOR Max and 7th round pick
  8. Mad Max trade - WHIR

    No.... I would be getting Max, moving Vlad. Is everyone that high on Vlad? I know he can hit but will he hit for power? Will he be on the roster for opening day? He's got no speed
  9. Mad Max trade - WHIR

    Offer is Max + 7th rounder for Vlad + 1st pick in 2nd round
  10. Mad Max trade - WHIR

    Sorry, mistake... Max for Vlad. I'll make the edit.... Apologies
  11. Mad Max trade - WHIR

    Hi fellas I've posted a few different deals coming my way, and wanted to post another one I just got ESPN - 10 team H2H. 5 keepers for a max of 2 years Current list of guys with years remaining: Judge (1), Sale (2), JoRam (2), Vlad (2), Torres (2), Seager (2) Current draft picks in the first 2 rounds: #1, #9, #11, #20, #21 (added #21) Got offered Max and 7th round pick for MAX and 1st pick in the 2nd round Would leave me with an unreal SP roster of Sale/Max and still some flexibility on more deals if needed. thoughts?
  12. Waiver wire thread- week 13 ending 1/13

    Yup - tonight is a good option. I like Delon a bit more than Powell though. I'm also hoping my Siakam goes bonkers
  13. Manny Machado 2019 Outlook

    so, what would be his best landing spot with regards to production? Yankees?
  14. Keeper Help *WHIR

    I hear ya Tough call to make. I understand your reasoning, as it would be a sweet move to make. I guess the decision comes down to if you make the move, and it back fires, are you confident there's someone you like at #2 if Bryant is gone