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  1. Trade for Brady?

    hey fellas Currently in a 10-team keeper league (keep 4) and the Brady owner has to move him (keeper rules only allow a player to be rostered for 2 seasons, and Brady's time is up) So, Brady owner wants Jimmy G from me. I'd probably love to have Brady, but he wants a high draft pick as well to make the deal happen. Thoughts? My current 4 keepers (0.5 PPR) are: Julio Zeke McKinnion Jimmy G
  2. Pickup Scooter?

    Thanks guys... Dropped Caesar
  3. Pickup Scooter?

    I'm actually not. I went into complete sell mode for next season. Traded away Max and Verlander. But i have a few options for keepers next season, plus I have 3 1st round picks and 2 2nd round picks for next year's draft
  4. Pickup Scooter?

    Any suggestions on which guy to drop?
  5. Pickup Scooter?

    Hi guys Scooter keeps on hitting and I'm wondering if he's an automatic add. If I added him I'd have to drop one of the following to make a roster space : C. Hernandez Tim Anderson Marcus Siemen Thanks!!!
  6. Justin Turner 2018 Outlook

    Yup, seen that. Just curious if the location has been set it
  7. Willson Contreras 2018 Outlook

    Boooooooooom goes the dynamite
  8. Justin Turner 2018 Outlook

    any word on where he's doing his rehab assignment?
  9. Rebuild mode - what can I get for Max?

    deal done - Rendon, 1st and 2nd rounder for Max
  10. TRADE OFFER, WHIR 100%

    I'd easily do that and add Happ or Hamels..... http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/701896-rebuild-mode-what-can-i-get-for-max/
  11. Rebuild mode - what can I get for Max?

    I think I could push him for a 1st and a 2nd with Torres or Rendon. Would you guys rather have Rendon or Torres for the next 2+ years? Rendon seems more ready right now , while I don't know enough about Torres
  12. Rebuild mode - what can I get for Max?

    No I can't
  13. Trading Didi

    Man, I don't think I'd do that. You're giving up too much.
  14. Hey fellas I'm in complete rebuild mode and wondering if I should keep Max for next year or cash him out for assets and picks. What would you consider a good return for him? I currently have an offer of Torres or Rendon, and as well as a future 1st and 3rd round draft pick
  15. Trade Verlander away for a future 2nd rounder?

    Trade Done - Sent Verlander and a 7th for a future 1st round pick Thanks fellas