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  1. I got Brown in for sure - which should be a shoot-out Probably go Hardman or Woods for the next one - not sure what's going to happen in Carolina yet for the game plan
  2. Hi guys I'm not feeling good with Jared Cook and his production going forward without Brees. Looking to make a possible move. Options are thin: 1. Will Dissly - great game in week 2 but week 1 was not 2. Ebron - don't think it will be like last year 3. Witten - no volume but 2 scores 4. Jordan Reed/ Vernon Davis - can grab both and play whoever is active on Monday night thanks!
  3. Hi guys Not liking the Sam Darnold news and the backup quality for the Jets. Looking to drop Crowder for one of these options: Demarcus Robinson Raheem Mostert DJ Clark Mecole Hardman Agholor thanks - WHIR
  4. few days left in my championship bracket - no Yelich, Gary Sanchez, Jo-Ram, Trout or Marte..........
  5. So, how would you guys grade Olsen if Cam can't go this week? More of a safety net for the backup QB?
  6. Got Baker in my 2QB league, and not a fan of what I seen last night. Not sure if this was on him or the coaching staff, but it seemed like on every play, they were getting to the line with a few secs left on the play clock and they were rushing to get the ball snapped. Just seemed really off
  7. same boat with Cook I think he's the safe guy for Cam - if healthy, should see a ton of targets
  8. Hi guys Undecided on who to roll out for my OP spot this week. Allen gets the poor Giants D and Baker gets a weird Monday night game at the Jets. I feel like the browns are going to want to impress after their poor game last week but I'm not sure
  9. Hi guys Currently own Brown, but I'm also a Dalvin Cook owner, so I'm kinda on the fence on what to do. Other possible drop would be Corey Davis
  10. I think there's a chance Reed returns this week for the Redskins, so I'd roll Eifert
  11. Hi guys Squad in signature. Lost first week as I got poor performances from everyone not named Dalvin Cook. Some decent options on the WW currently, and just wanted to know if there was a good add: Terry McLaurin Adrian Peterson Mecole Hardman
  12. He's playing at a really high level, but I agree, I'm going to try and package him and maybe get a younger arm
  13. 10 team - H2H 10 Cats - Runs, HR, RBI, AVG, STLS, K's, ERA, WHIP, W, Save/HLD