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  1. THIS!!! Would add a “thanks” reaction but all used up for today. ☹️
  2. He’s been flexable the last two weeks even with DJ active. Think I’ll hang onto him after all.
  3. I agree. At some point Reid has to adjust his strategy a little or he’s going to keep losing games. And Mahomes will get even more banged up than he already is. Right now defenses don’t have to respect the KC run game AT ALL, and that’s just not a winning formula.
  4. So YOU’RE the guy who wrote that Rotoworld blurb. Nicely done. 😂
  5. Who’s buying though? You’re going to get 10 cents on the dollar. The lack of protection is definitely a problem, but the Steelers are a team with an above-average pass rush. Hopefully the addition of Henry and Gordon getting back into form will help the offense as a whole and take some of the defense’s attention off KA. Or at least that’s what i’m telling myself.
  6. Shady’s averaging 5.4 yards/carry, Damien 2.0. How many more carries does Damien need?
  7. That video coming out changed everything. If there had been no video, he’d still be on the team just like Hill.
  8. Aren’t you a KC fan? Not gonna get back to winning games putting everything on mahomes’ shoulders, especially with that gimpy ankle. Need to at least have the threat of a running game to keep the defense honest.
  9. Imagine how good this guy could be if the Browns actually had a competent offense around him.
  10. Hell of a week by El Guapo. Loving the volume too. Also, cracked up at seeing the latest Rotoworld blurb. This guy is like the Rodney Dangerfield of running backs, still gets no respect. Reads like it was written by a totally butthurt Duke Johnson owner. 😂 CARLOS HYDERB, HOUSTON TEXANS Carlos Hyde rushed 26 times for 116 yards and one score in Houston's Week 6 win over the Chiefs. Hyde's fumble on Houston's opening possession was thought to have sealed his fate. That didn't stop the Texans from going right back to him against a Chiefs d-line short DL Chris Jones and NT Xavier Williams, seeing the bumbling veteran punch it in from two-yards out once Duke Johnson was stopped short of the goal line on the play prior. Even in hitting season-highs in carries, rushing yards and fantasy points against Kansas City, Hyde can't be trusted as anything more than a game flow-dependent RB3/4 moving forward. Note his previous production of 9.5, 9, 7.9, 10.4 and 12 fantasy points in the five games prior to Week 6's outlier performance.
  11. Reid continues to get too cute with his RBs, but it was encouraging to see Shady start and get the majority of the touches. Two games that he’s given minimal touches to his RBs, also two losses. Only 10 total rushes in this game, which just won’t get it done against the better teams in the league. RUN THE DAMN BALL
  12. Too bad - Philly would be a VERY exploitable matchup for him.