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  1. I was a Gordon truther, but after this latest shenanigan i'm officially tapping out. (For good this time, I swear.) Can't believe anyone would still be holding onto this guy, lol.
  2. Nope - I’m making the very same call this week.
  3. Broncos CBs are poop with CHJ injured. Picked him up specifically to start him this week, and I’m a Broncos fan lol.
  4. So my top three WRs going into the season were Keenan Allen, A.J. Green, and Josh Gordon. Pretty good, right? Wah wah forward to week 16 and I’m down to starting Robby Anderson, Jordy Nelson, and Robert Foster. And I’m playing in the 3rd place game this week rather than the finals thanks to zeroes from Keenan Allen and Brett Maher. We also play in a 2 QB league, and my two QBs were Cam Newton and Drew Brees. Earlier in the season that would have sounded pretty good, right? Not on Monday night it wasn’t. I hate fantasy.
  5. Whoever does the stat corrections for yahoo has Chubb and REALLY needed the bonus last week.
  6. I’m going to lose because I play in a 2QB league and Brees and Cam are my QBs. FML.
  7. Hunter Henry was the difference last night. He was huge for the Chargers after Keenan Allen went down, just like he’s been all year.
  8. So glad I can finally jump off this train. Adios, amigos.
  9. Didn’t watch the game (not playing where I live) - why did he only get 7 carries? 7/36 is over 5 YPC! What gives?
  10. Nope - Gordon likely coming back on Thursday. Watch the practice reports, but he might even be a drop now. This was his big chance to make a splash, and he didn’t pan out. Sucks.
  11. Unlike last week, he was actually involved in the passing game this time - it was great to see.
  12. So glad I didn’t get cute and bench the Bears’ D. What a bunch of studs. (On a side note, does anyone know what happened to the Bears’ defense thread? Was going to give them props over there too, but can’t find it.)
  13. Brees is singlehandedly murdering my team today. Unbelievable. Probably going with Josh Allen next week over him if I somehow survive this. SMDH...