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  1. Looks like I was way off on a 120 game estimate.
  2. He was reassigned to a minors camp last week. Pretty cool to see him get more ST ABs with the big club.
  3. I am also in a yahoo league. Think it would stay as NA.
  4. I think McHugh ineffectiveness is the quickest route for Whitley to enter the rotation down the line (aside from an injury in the Houston rotation).
  5. Baltimore has gone from one end of the "spending stupidly' spectrum (H/T Phillies owner John Middleton) to the opposite end.
  6. Well he should get plenty of PT early while Hicks is on the shelf. There is talk of Voit and Bird to breaking camp to New York right out of the gates.
  7. I don't care about walks in a young guy so much as pitch recognition, bat control, speed, and plate coverage. Right now he is getting to know his swing quite well.
  8. Injury or trade maybe needed, or poor play at the keystone. Also Rendon is a free agent after this year so he may see innings at 3B in AAA.
  9. He didn't feature the changeup much at all last year, but it graded out better last year than 2017 (from -4.4 to -0.7 fPV. His slider had a solid 4.0 fPV grade last year as a new offering. It'll be interesting to see if the slider or change ends up as his best third pitch. Charlie Morton is already been a great mentor to him and the staff.
  10. He's still in the big league camp which is a good sign for his ETA
  11. His new swing seems to be paying dividends this spring.
  12. It doesn't seem like the Padres are overly concerned with saving money at the cost of winning, given their financial expenditures and aggressive front office.
  13. Liking this analysis quite a bit. Maybe disagreeing on Cutch but love his park. REALLY liking and targeting McNeil for my OF in 20 games. Bummed to miss out on Robles as a buddy snatched him at the perfect time during a massive SP run 😂
  14. Kemp, Schebler, Winker, and even having Lorenzen in the OF might delay his MLB clock a bit, but I'd think Lorenzen is a flyer at best out there and will need several months of MILB defensive seasoning. Missed out on him in my slow draft, where was taken at 119 overall in dynasty, so the hype train is very real in those formats.
  15. High hopes for him to make up for lost time. So far he looks like a high BA/ISO slugger looking fairly aggressively for his pitch. CBS doesn't have an ADP for him yet but I'd think it may rise to 225ish or even higher by OD.