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  1. Mets, Yankees, Marlins In Talks On Three-Team Deal Mets, Yankees, Marlins In Talks On Three-Team Deal December 10th, 2018 at 10:02pm CST • By Mark Polishuk The Mets, Yankees, and Marlins have discussed a three-team trade that would see J.T. Realmuto end up on the Mets’ roster, The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal reports (Twitter links). It doesn’t appear like anything imminent is coming between all parties, according to’s Andy Martino. More analysis to come…
  2. ^ Meadows seems like great value at 176. I think he has a shot at being a top 30 OF. Also the SP taken there in R15 look like solid SP4 or SP5 possibles although Strip may have to start out in the pen I suppose by the time OD rolls around. Guys like Hamels and Hill have low floors as well though.
  3. 2019 ADP

    They now include guys like Vlad at 37 and Eloy at 116 (but Min. 54)
  4. Jose Altuve 2019 Outlook

    That kneecap made it very hard to run the bases much less steal them. Given another 155 game healthy season I see another .33x average with 20-22 HR and 30 SB and .850-.860 OPS as a solid betting line.
  5. Paul Goldschmidt 2019 Outlook

    Even with an uneven season, Gold is in a good spot now with a division having fewer stark pitcher's parks. He still looks like a guy who will get perhaps 6 years either with the birds or on the market next season. As noted his hard contact is great and k rate has normalized. Often when sluggers start losing contact and suffer greater whiff percentages in the zone it's a sign of likely decline which isn't really evident here. I could see him getting 6 years @ $175ish and probably more with a .95x OPS season. Good timing for the Birds to salvage value on those 3 prospects which weren't needed on the big league level as Yadi appears almost ageless. Weaver deserves another chance to start on a big league club, which he will now get so he can develop his 3rd and 4th pitches.
  6. Austin Riley 3B ATL

    Very true and therefore would generally not going to be in the top half of most leagues. I like him too and am curious if he's going to exceed a .260 BA and/or show good contact in the zone with low O-swing numbers by say 2020.
  7. Dart Arm Bader Carp Gold Harp Ozuna at full strength Bring it on home Mowtie Santa . . .
  8. Josh Donaldson 2019 Outlook

    Yeah I saw they wont tender Duvall arbitration
  9. Josh Donaldson 2019 Outlook

    Let's say Donaldson is healthy and productive this year. Any chance Riley could get a shot to try his hand in the OF should Markakis move on? Not sure about his range there although he gets decent marks there at 3rd apparently. His arm is solid.
  10. MLBTRADERUMORS has the Nats interested in Cano also but with Carter Keiboom a possible callup this year I see that as more shortsightedness by their FO if true.
  11. I volunteered but have another family funeral on Saturday plus one in ICU in Louisiana I need to visit next week so I will be catching up in a few weeks with you all for a later possible mock.
  12. Alex Reyes 2019 Outlook

    If I were the Cards I would move him per the ole "fool me once . . . " axiom. I know injuries are by and large accidental to an extent, but he will likely need to be handled with kid gloves this year as zstlj notes. Therefore unless he is straight dominant out of the gates, I feel there is a greater chance his value declines due to an incomplete or another injury plagued season. In dynasty leagues I'd still take the leap like brock stated.
  13. Also in above link, if the Phils successfully acquire Goldy, it would likely mean another horrific year for their LF defense. Seems like they are just throwing spaghetti at the wall here without an actual aim for a correct bullseye target.
  14. Snakes hoping to package Greinke with Goldy while ALSO not water down their return talent. 3 years @$100M but I see Greinke's true value in terms of WAR at around $$22M AAV.
  15. George Springer Trade

    I feel like Jorge is going to go off on a .280/40 HR season shortly provided good health. I hope that he can get some PT in RF and someone like Tucker can dive across CF from time to time instead.