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  1. Los Angeles Angels 2018 Outlook

    Wow. Well goodbye says it all as the song goes, per Trout. Probably better off going with a more analytical approach anyway.
  2. Los Angeles Angels 2018 Outlook

    Kind of a forced out situation by looking at the tweets. Trout loves the guy apparently.
  3. Kyle Freeland 2018 Outlook

    I had hoped to get him at a bargain ADP but with 8 WAR I see no chance of it. Love this dude.
  4. Cody Bellinger 2018 Outlook

    I wouldn't typecast him as Joc at this point. He's 22 and I don't feel that too brass want to hinder him in showing his chance to be an everyday guy next year. I also don't see the Dodgers winning the WS with this type of strategy especially when seeing it is utility types such as Kike Hernandez taking his ABs. Not good for development of a YOUNG player with plenty of growth potential to tap into.
  5. Vent & Rant Thread 2018

    Getting trounced in the 3 week playoff (4 teams, total points scenario). Just hope to salvage 3rd by some miracle. I had a good run until this year. The new guy is a ringer and killing it.
  6. Gregory Polanco 2018 Outlook

    This. Although I don't have a lot of faith if he can't learn to slide correctly.
  7. Vent & Rant Thread 2018

    Yeah my team sucks. End of rant. Thank you Folty and Mikolas though for last night.
  8. Gregory Polanco 2018 Outlook

    He was my best OF and probably 2nd best hitter at time of injury. Hope that shoulder is OK. Knee will be fine.
  9. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    Also any players on the 40 man ARE in the MLBPA. You keep getting this wrong also. Eloy is part of the MLBPA. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the MLBPA, we are the union that represents all players on clubs' 40-man rosters. We are among the strongest unions in the United States because generations of players dating back to the early '60s have taken an active interest in their livelihoods and the game that they love. NOWHERE is it said that Union members or employees are forbidden to make comments about the CBA. Did you just start following baseball yesterday? Do you not know of all the comments Tony Clark has made about the CBA???? How about Donald Fehr??? NOW that is my last post trying to educate you.
  10. 9/11 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Hoping for better pitching results today. Go Mikolas and Foltynewicz!
  11. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    Kris Bryant is in the union. This is the last time I reply if you won't bother to read.
  12. 9/10 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Both guys got suspended. Looks like Rod was the crazy party there.
  13. 9/10 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Good ABs Belly and Funky Muncy
  14. Ross Stripling 2018 Outlook

    CBS makes a lot of wild speculations. Some hit some miss. They have Stripling going 9/17 (next Monday 6 game schedule). So it goes per Jose Martinez's future 7 game log as: 9/13/18 LAD 7:15 pm Clayton Kershaw 9/14/18 LAD 8:15 pm Rich Hill 9/15/18 LAD 1:05 pm Alex Wood 9/16/18 LAD 8:05 pm Hyun-Jin Ryu Then Stripling and back to Kershaw.
  15. 9/10 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Yea he's fine velo and stuff wise. His last cutter cut about twice as far as it should have though LOL.