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  1. I need a lot to veto a trade and would not want to be in a league that vetoed this trade (outside of some outside knowledge of collusion etc.) Is this a good trade? No. Can someone justify it? Yeah, I can see someone thinking that Randle and D'Angelo might not be as good with AD staying and LaVert back. Cousins is going to get more playing time and is likely better than that ranking. Doncic is better than a #48 ranking, Rose is whatever and Tatum could blow up if Irving is hurt. Dumb does not equal veto. That said, if this guy complained, go after him. And then in the offseason, have a thread where you talk about the grounds for a veto. Because it sucks to be in leagues where people can't fleece others. also, get two more people to play. Ten team leagues suck. That waiver wire is too juicy. Oh the streaming I would do.
  2. Don't drop Bryant in h2h. Playoff schedule is insane. Let kanter be.
  3. Lauri. Too crowded in him and any small injury turns into multiple games off there.
  4. Wiz play great playoff schedule if its head to head. You didn't specify but I'd go sato if so.I
  5. Shamet if you're gambling in upside, huerter if you want stability.
  6. If it's head to head target guys with nice schedules - wiz and kings are best. Kanter has a weak schedule. it you d have to wait and see if he does anything in Portland probably.
  7. white since you're punting assists and he doesn't initiate the offense as much
  8. Saric. Parker in head to head because of playoff schedule but in roto saric
  9. I like all three. Beal has a great playoff schedule i might target that. All three accomplish what you're trying to do. LeBron is gonna beast down the stretch, I might go that one over #2?
  10. Not a bad idea. Go target beal and buddy hield.I I did something similar . . .
  11. Dragic because din is hurt and Brooklyn is so crowded in the backcourt. Too much uncertainty
  12. Naw, ad just got hurt and is gonna sit as long as the pelicans can pull it off. This is radioactive.I
  13. If you're punting threes and blocks that's some of millsap value. I'm not as high on sato but playoff schedule matters. Is he the team rosterable though? Millsap could finish real strong. I'd do the two for one for someone you really like.