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  1. How worried are we here? The whole silence on the knee injury is really concerning. What are they hiding? Now the Cadet news. ugggggggggggg. He was already disappointing so far this year. Now it looks like he'll be out just as the bye weeks are here.
  2. I had a helluva week. Evans drops a 75 yard td Aaron Jones drops a 33 yard td Hockenson drops a 5 yard td Lockett scores a td, BUT, reversed on a replay which may or may not have shown him down at the 1 inch line
  3. Are you kidding me with this game tonight. The easiest td pass you’ll ever get, fumbling. He deserved to be benched. Meanwhile this guy Williams will NEVER go away. He was just carted off the field. My hopes were so high. Nope, back in a week, taking over. Jones is in an rbbc now. And how obvious they trust Williams more. Was in most of the 4th quarter.
  4. What a week. I have Lockett who had a td reversed on shaky replays, then I have Aaron Jones and this time the guy is clearly short of the goal line and of course its not reversed. Incredible.
  5. Jones is hurt. Looks like his shoulder. What a game. Could this get any worse for Jones.
  6. Our league has a 3 point bonus on 100 yards. Of course 96. OF COURSE. He had the entire 4th quarter to get it too, but every damn throw goes to Godwin.
  7. I'm sure this was talked about already but HOW THE HELL DO THEY OVERTURN THAT TOUCHDOWN FROM LOCKETT. Sorry for shouting. It was called a touchdown on the field and they saw enough to overturn that.
  8. In back to back weeks I played against Theilen, then Diggs. Before that I think they had 2 catches each on the season.
  9. This is my first year with Evans and man is it frustrating. The play calling is really a problem. Do they realize that he doesn't always have to go deep. How about some crossing plays, slants. Get him involved early. It seems when he is involved early then he will have a good game. But every game seems to be the same. The guy has nothing for the 1st quarter. We just have to hope that the coaches realize how ridiculous it is to have your primary receiver catch NOTHING and try to force him the ball.
  10. Doesn't mean anything, coachspeak. Why wouldn't it have come already. Makes no sense. Incredibly in the same rotoworld blurb it says that he is DEAD LAST in blocking for tight ends. Ha....
  11. I'm actually thinking about swapping him out for someone playing in the same game, DJ Moore. I don't know though. Doesn't it always seem that whenever the entire industry says he will bust that he turns in a good game. Plus, don't we think that they will force feed him.
  12. Patricia said that he will be out practicing today. To what extent is not known, but its a good sign. However he said he is NOT out of the concussion protocol yet.
  13. I wish I were in leagues where guys like Cook were available. Basically we have Swaim and Tyler Higbee available.
  14. The problem is they don't play til Monday night, so the first practice report won't come out til Thursday. I need to decide what to do before waivers run tonight.
  15. But your argument is ridiculous. You say we should have dumped Howard after 1 or 2 weeks and jumped on who, Will Dissly. As if we all knew that Dissly was going to produce the way he has. It's absurd. If that's the case then why wasn't he drafted. You have no idea that these waiver wire guys are gonna produce consistently, especially tight ends.