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  1. sooooooooooooooooooooooo this might be his best line of the year. Whered this come from?
  2. I have teague too and picked this guy as a handcuff. I like teague but i really just want him to shut down for the ROS. Hes clearly not healthy and is forcing the issue. Tyus is a perfect filler and is kind of a teague “lite” in a way with the high assists low turnovers he produces.
  3. I was offereddd my bagley for his mitch.. man im tempted. For how great bagleys been and the playoff schecule he has... mitch singlehandedly carries the blocks category.
  4. redeem yourself kawhi. Give me 45 points and 7 threes
  5. um do i need to expand on that point....... okay he produces always when he gets the minutes... the team wins when Thomas Bryant plays... need i go on. He has the best offensive rating on the team when he far..... and the same defensive rating as ian mahimi and dwight (small sample size of 9 when he plays). He hustles and run backs on D..if you've watched any wizard games..Yet Scott Brooks sucks the life of his young talent tooooooo do what exactly? Bryant should be playing 25+ minutes. A young somphore whos essentially playing in this year as a rookie since he didn't get much run last year... Hes a high FG% guy that can hit threes as a stretch 5...and hits fts at a 80% clip. He's not a black hole and actually plays wtihin the offense...By every metric he was the second best player in advance stats and standard stats behind beal but you give jabari and bobby portis who just joined the team more minutes? IT makes zero sense. When he plays 30+ minutes he averages 21 and 12... has a higher +/- THEN BEAL. For perspective, bobby portis, when playing, 30+ minutes has a negative +/- and a terrible offensive rating and even worse defensive rating..need i go on. By ever measurable... and just watching him play when involved he's a force..plain and simple. He's a talent thats being caged because scott brooks is a bad coach.
  6. honestly is this guy the pick up over jahlil? Im so confused.
  7. 7 turnovers really? Im only holding cause jeff green had an even worse game tonight. Anyway jabari can start over him eventually?
  8. Yeah. Scott brooks is a moron. Whenever thomas bryant gets 28 minutes+ he gets a double double.
  9. Excluding injuries. Thats an uncontrollable event. The game he scored 3 points he played like 30 minutes lol
  10. Im willing to bet you anthony davis wont score in the single digits... the rest of the season. And the second game he got injured.... he was on “track” to put up his averages. You want to say he might get shut down thats a worthy argument. BUT if hes playing hes not going to get injured every game he plays in... and if hes playing he won’t be putting up 3 points a night. Hes going to be putting up somewhere between 15-18 ppg and 7-9 rpg in that limited time span
  11. Its not just bizzare its inaccurate and disingenious. AD put up his worst line.. of his career because of the peak of drama of wether he should sit out or not.... then he got “injured putting up 14 4 2 1 1 1 at the half... meaning 28 8 4 2 2 2 for the game.. you don’t use that in a sample size and deem that “consistent with the trend” when by every point of the matter those games were outliers even considering the minutes limit.. based on his career.