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  1. Another year another fantasy season blokes! I thought since the seasons upon us i would suggest a helpful fantasy tool, the Fantasy Basketball Wizard, which i stumbled upon last year. The chrome extension (i think has a fire fox extension as well) is really neat in that it shows total projections based off the averages of players on your squad in the upcoming year. It really helped me to see how i stacked up in my H2H matches and make moves off the wire accordingly: Another useful tool the extension has is that it shows total games left for your team, individual players, and players on the wire.. which was especially help for me when i was streaming in the playoffs. Hopefully this tool helps you guys out like it did for me! Cheers!
  2. I had last pick so i went as follows: 1) Drummond 2) Gobert 3) Draymond 4) Jarren Jackson Jr 5) Thomas Bryant 6) Isaac 7) Dejounte Murray 8)Jeremy LAmb 9)Brandon Ingram 10)Javale Mcgee 11)Kris Dunn 12)OG Anunby 13)Dennis Smith Jr I feel like I'm pretty strong in FG%, Rebounds, blocks, steals, and am pretty competitive in turnovers and assists. Is this a sustainable strategy?
  3. I know its sucks. I'mma throwing him + 1 to the ronald jones owner and see if he bites lol
  4. Honestly though. Has anyone flipped Duke Johnson Jr?
  5. Whos the better player Danny Dimes or the Mustacheeeee?
  6. I picked him up 4 minutes before kick off. Call me the GOAT 🐐
  7. People are doubting this kid. well guess what. He's ready.
  8. Welcome to the squad... JOEYYY SLYEEEEE
  9. Wow i have cam and kittle as well... and reached out to the lamar jackson owner for him. I don't think I'd do it because i have no bench TE..
  10. Wanted a full Chubb ended with a half Chubb.