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  1. pick 2 WR to own

    fair points, i guess i still prefer the one that catches brady's balls () to the one that has to Neo down the bullets thrown at him! (olsen's injury may tilt the scale in funchess' favour though... oh wait!)
  2. Roethlisberger or Wentz? whir

    i know it's true, but they're your teammates ffs! can't go around talking about 'em like that! rub some magic on them!
  3. you whole team. he's that good.
  4. 2018 Buy Low / Sell High Thread

    yea. been told to f--- off.
  5. pick 2 WR to own

    in the past three seasons (since funchess entered the league), edelman has 10 TDs in 25 games, funchess 17 on 47. not fair to funchess considering his first two rookie seasons, but i wouldn't say edelman doesn't score TDs (unless you mean last season...)
  6. Clement or Breida?? whir

    pick up clement though!
  7. Sketchy trade in the league

    rest of season i like edelman and sanders more than a goal whore. and no one in their right mind would trade juju now unless it's for a stud among the studs. for all you know, the fournette owner may have asked for one of them anyway. the thing is, other people have different views about players' values. you can force your schemes of judgement on others and veto it, but that's not really what you want. honestly if i was making that trade (whatever side) and it was vetoed, i'd f--- off of the league sharpish!
  8. Clement or Breida?? whir

    the way i see it, it's opportunity (clement) against match up (breida). i can't see the niners being so far ahead to give alf a lot of work, and given the likely shootout that game will be, i'd be inclined to play breida over clement, which won't probably see a huge workload despite the injuries to his teammates (still enough to be a great play this week though). so breida, marginally.
  9. Roethlisberger or Wentz? whir

    can't even find odds on that XD but yea' it'd be great!
  10. pick 2 WR to own

    watkins edelman if you can hang on two more weeks.
  11. Roethlisberger or Wentz? whir

    rottenburger, he'll have to throw it a lot to put up with the future MVP fitzmagic. and wentz is in his first game back, may not be as good as he was straight away.
  12. DeVante Parker 2018 Outlook

    so he was third, given that wilson wasn't in the team at the time.
  13. 2018 Buy Low / Sell High Thread

    meniscus tear, wasn't it?
  14. DeVante Parker 2018 Outlook

    yea' that too. but at that point in the bench, that's the kind of player i'm looking for.