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  1. I think I have too many PGs and thinking of rounding out my roster a bit. Who do you think should I target? Team in sig for reference.
  2. in H2H, i would not do that trade.. it makes the strong stats somewhat mediocre..
  3. other than kanter and THJ, i would not trust any knicks as of now..
  4. yes I would.. but more so because of Gallo's injury history.. though this may be the year he'll be healthy
  5. Yes I would.. especially in first place... I already have done so, and currently doing well (5th place 12 team H2H)..
  6. DSJ, Batum, Saric, Jaylen Brown, Danny Green, J. Isaac Team in Sig for reference
  7. I am getting Harris and Teague. Would you accept that offer? Team in sig.
  8. Traded away: Danilo Gallinari Got: Jamal Murray kept thinking that Gallo would be injured at some point and then targeted Denver's playoff sched. I also went for G. Harris but the Jamal owner bit first. This was when J. Murray was struggling (he is still underperforming now compared to Gallo )
  9. i think there are 2 sides here that will continue on till season's end. 1) satisfied owners that were able compensate for his weaknesses (and are probably doing well in their leagues) 2) unsatisfied owners that expects more and/or differently from the guy (and are probably not doing so well) backreading my post, i think it applies to all early round picks..
  10. foul trouble... got 3 first half fouls... got his 4th within 2 mins in the 3rd.. i am really dumbfounded with people.. you draft him knowing very well that points and blocks could be his biggest weaknesses as a first rounder so you build around it or even punt it in h2h.. im confused..
  11. This depends on what you need honestly. Big or wing stats. I would still prefer harris since it is harder to find wings who does not hurt you in fg%. But if you are hurting in big man stats, harrell is the right choice.
  12. Schroder by a mile. You are juat hoping for a vuc trade in isaac. Even then, who knows what he will produce. I think schroder is already set as far role goes so he is the better option