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  1. Nah, not shortsighted. Drop drop drop! Dolphins are puke city
  2. So cheap on DFS this week. Anyone planning to trot this guy out there? He's against his former Ravens teammates...
  3. Looking at streaming the next few days, in this order: -Samardzija vs. Pit -Matz vs. Ari -Plutko @LAA (no Trout) JA Happ is taken otherwise he'd be at the top of my list. Zack Davies too.
  4. Home matchup against the Pirates this week, love the ballpark. Samarzdzija not too shabby lately...
  5. So this is my thinking too. People are really overreacting to Week 1 it sounds like. Jameis sucks, yes, but he has always been Evans' QB (for the most part) so we shouldn't care that he looks bad bc he's the same guy he's always been. Week 1 is always my favorite week to make trades!
  6. I can't believe everyone is choosing Mack! They were so far apart in ADP just 30hrs ago, nothing has changed. It's still Jameis passing the ball to Evans, as it has been. Run away with big Mike.
  7. Was offered this trade by a Cowboys homer: I give up Dak and Amari Cooper for Big Ben and Mike Evans... Thoughts?
  8. Very poor streaming Tuesday. Eyeing Tanner Roark Wednesday against the Angels and Dak Hudson vs. Giants on Thursday. Also, almost anyone vs. Detroit!
  9. I wouldn't do it. This is like trading a late 3rd and 5th for an early 2nd pick. I get why you are doing this, and trust me, I am a HUGE fan of these moves later in the season, but I like depth to start the season out. Injuries will come. I personally am not worried at all about Cooper's bruise and listen to Dallas radio all day, neither are the local beat writers. This trade is great later in the season when you want to boost your starting lineup. Just not yet. A long season ahead!
  10. Thanks. I'm definitely with you on the injury risk here. I have a feeling one of them will be a stud, the other average, and the other injured. I should be able to survive with Lockett in the lineup replacing whoever falls.
  11. Oh man, this is a pretty great draft! Probably top-3 in your league I would think. I like your sleepers. It would be nice to have some more lottery tickets (I'd rather have a darwin thompson or darrell henderson or tony pollard over royce freeman, royce just doesn't do it for me). Nice job!
  12. Give us the costs. Yes, OBJ and Evans if cost is reasonable enough. Actually, probably them 2 at any cost over the others...
  13. James Conner at 5, man I suppose you can't go wrong but I wonder who was still out there? Zeke or Hopkins would have been nice. But I guess I shouldn't be too picky about it. I am not a fan of the players after round 10. Ballage is in a timeshare on one of the worst offenses in football. No thanks. This is a 10-team league, so I would expect better fliers in rounds 11-16, so I can't justify taking Zuerlein or Ravens D that high. Same with a second QB in a one-QB league with only 10 teams. There are probably awesome QBs available on the waiver wire. Your starting lineup of Cam, Conner, Kerryon, Tyreek, Allen, OJ Howard, Godwin, and Robby Anderson is solid...I'll give you that. I would drop McKinnon and Ballage for better fliers (handcuffs to amazing RBs, second/third WRs in pass-first offenses). Good luck!
  14. I definitely would not take Ertz at 13. Yes, there are a slew of "injury prone" RBs, but i think all are prone to an injury. They repeatedly run into 300lb monsters at full speed. I would take a RB/WR there for sure, bc they will outscore Ertz on a weekly basis. And who's to say Ertz doesn't get hurt?