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  1. Why the f**k are we covering deep when the Saints only needed a short pass for a FG. I hate our coaches 😤😤😤
  2. I really haven't seen Penny play, but looking at last years fantasy stats, he only broke 10 FFP's twice. Does he pass the eye test or am I missing something? 😶
  3. Just leave if it's a free league. Collusion happens all the time.
  4. No one should have any concerns about any top 12 players on their roster. You're going to start them regardless (Unless of an injury), bad matchups or not.
  5. Full point PPR league. Trying to decide who to start with my 2nd WR slot from the 3 choices in the title. Thoughts? QB- Watson WR1- Adams WR2- ??? TE- Kelce RB1- Fournette RB2- Henry FLEX- Carson
  6. Adam Silver probably has AD on his fantasy squad and is threatening NOLA to play him lol.
  7. Please god let the Grizzlies play him 25+ minutes. That help ease the pain of owning AD.
  8. I wish they would hurry and officially announce he's not traded and that he's shut down for the season. Need to drop him and grab what I can lol.
  9. People say that, but at the same time, if you're playing in a lavish city, that could out shadow winning lol. People keep wanting to go to the Lakers but they haven't been good since Kobe and Gasol were together.
  10. I'm hoping that the NOLA personnel who want the Lakers trade offer convince the others to accept. We have 2 days people. Don't lose all hope yet.