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  1. Well then he needs to take that opinion to the "More than Bold Predictions for the 2019-2020 Season" forum 😉 Just to keep my post relevant: SGA is a turns in a 10 PG season Pascal does NOT make a leap in value (stays around 45-50) Josh Jackson is traded and thrives Jamal Murray disappoints Ja Morant busts AD misses only 5 games (BOLD!) Zach Collins becomes top 75 while Nurk is on the mend Hawks draft Hunter and Hayes to make the girls go crazy......and make the playoffs Tatum fails to make top 50 and Brown proves a better overall player Tyreke Evans is suspended for 2 years fro violating an Anti-drug Program WCS leaves SAC and shows a jump in value
  2. Your opinion is more likely to be wrong than right , therefore it is bold, and thus is belongs here. I predict Zion finds his way into the top 30-50 range.
  3. I don't know how this hurts Pascal. It kills ibaka more than anything.
  4. The coach said it would probably take 3-4 games to knock off the rust. The fact that Nance has come out publicly to say he wants to be more of a vocal leader seems like a good sign to me. He stays healthy, I think he could be between how great he was in December and how solid he is when he's getting consistent but underwhelming run.
  5. I think the increase in FG% has to do more with him driving to the basket more. Cedi even expressed a couple weeks ago that he needed to stop settling for midrange jumpers and drive more. If he keeps going to the basket, I think the FG% will stay pretty good. Maybe not as good as recently but certainly much better than the beginning of the season
  6. So why does it matter if he has a bad game. Everyone has bad games.
  7. Every year there are handful of guys who play to a whole new level than previously seen before in their careers and become obvious sell high guys, but they are only seemingly sell-high because we haven't seen them play to such a high degree. The difference with Nurk is that he's only 24 and had never gotten a true chance in Denver and had some awkward/up and down settling in time with the Blazers. So we haven't seen him play this well before for such an extended period of time, but at 24 , maybe THIS is the new normal for him , maybe THIS is the player who we can expect him to be and as @Boogie Buckets stated, with more offense being played through Nurk equating to more wins, why shouldnt we expect him to continue to be this good? Honestly, I thought of selling high early on when he was stringing together some really good games , but now he's kind of that set it and forget it staple in my lineup and I don't see it changing. I think a lot of people saw this potential in him last year but he just was never consistent enough. But the system has changed and his potential can be realized. If you get an unbelievable offer for him, sure, move him if you like it but I don't think he's a sell high guy at all.
  8. It's weird how some guys just don't ever seem to be allowed to go full out. I would think with Zeller out Willy would get to work through some kinks and maybe be able to get comfortable in a steady, stable starter's role. It's a shame if he doesn't.
  9. Owning Porter this year has been one of the most difficult and stressful experiences. Yes. no. yes. no. will the saga end?
  10. Brogdon is the NBA version of Mose from the Office. He may not ever be the big marquee name guy, but when you step back and look at his body of work, it's good.
  11. Too many mouths to feed could be a problem but I think we just need to give Gary some time. He'll be eased back into heavy minutes especially given his injury history. It will be interesting to see how it plays out but I would bet he'll be back to normal in a few or 2. Be patient.
  12. I would go Kemba side for a few reasons. 1. Yes JVal is out for 3-4 more weeks , but Conley is not the bellcow of health himself. 2. Allen is a nice piece but he's wildly inconsistent. 3. I think Conley+Allen for Kemba is a pretty good offer , AND you get JV hopefully for the run up to and during the playoffs.....sounds like a good plan. If you are good with Centers, I say do it 100%