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  1. The people want to see the full X Rays but it looks like the Indians will only be releasing a summary report.
  2. There's a number of different strategies 1) draft power/speed hitters and totally punt on pitchers, relying on closers to get you ratios and saves 2) draft power/speed hitters and totally punt on pitchers and rely on volume pitching to give you ks and wins 3) punt power and draft pitchers early and get a bunch of steals guys like Mallex Smith and try to win all 5 pitching categories 4) draft a balance of power and pitchers and punt steals taking low average, high HR guys like Khris Davis 5) (this is not a great strategy) punt power and spend way too much capital on closers and then try to get saves and ratios for pitching with avg and speed 6) try some weird combo of any of these strategies and fall short. There's a lot of variations to these including people sitting pitchers, people not drafting catchers, I saw a guy in my league with 3 hitters short and loading up on pitchers, everyone thinks they have their own way to win. I personally like spending all of my draft capital on hitters and not getting any pitchers at all until after pick 100. My 2 starting SPs were Tanaka and Kikichi. It's an interesting sport for fantasy.
  3. It's possible but most points leagues I have been in have been skewed in some dumb way.
  4. Points leagues are insufferable for this very reason. Sometimes people just forego hitters entirely. When they don't there's like 50 points difference between elite hitters and average hitters.
  5. I would say ideally in a 20 team league... You want spot 1.
  6. Id say a guy who didn't reach .250 last year or hit 30 homers who just broke a hamate bone is droppable.
  7. Oh it's coming. The Mariners will cheap out on it tho
  8. Bro he's the number one outfielder of 2019
  9. I wouldn't put much stock into your projections either because you're a blink fan
  10. Hmm him or Poeltl for 4 games... Not the call I wanna make right when it counts most
  11. Does Woodruff making the rotation necessarily mean that Freddy Peralta won't? They say they're competing for one spot but Zach Davies looks pretty pathetic and Jimmy Nelson is hurt?
  12. He has 5 steals in spring training already and 7 in less than 100 ABs. He's going to steal 50 easy... This post is gonna look downright silly not paying for that at 100.
  13. He's the ultimate one category contributor... Perfect for my 6-4 power strategy
  14. Lol wonder who made this tradeπŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–
  15. You are correct makes me look pretty dumb for criticizing him now