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  1. Actually it means if Hunt takes 3rd down that he won't lose any touches at all.
  2. Edit- saw the warning, I'm done talking
  3. Conner is very injury prone, also he hasn't been that good. I don't see any reason why they won't be giving Samuels more work even if Conner is healthy.
  4. Monty was always going to be starter
  5. Monty was never droppable, and he got 18 carries last week including a touchdown. Played so far against Denver and Green Bay, been more involved than any rookie RB except Josh Jacobs. Bench fodder at best?
  6. And you're just assuming there won't be a 3rd and 4th now?
  7. I think multiple rape accusations gonna be more than 6 weeks bro. He's lucky if the feds don't end up getting involved
  8. Actually snap counts are important
  9. He reminds me a little bit of A.J. Green and a little bit of Antonio Brown
  10. Dr. Jesse Morse wasn't very optimistic­čśú said he may be held out until after week 6 bye
  11. Lost cuz he didn't respect JJ Edit: Arthega
  12. You guys are all rage dropping a tight end averaging over ten a game in his first two games ever... Smart
  13. Even if it's just a sprained MCL I would have to think hes no longer a bellcow style back this year since he couldn't stay healthy last year either.
  14. I keep wanting to call him this year's Mahomes but Mahomes keeps nipping at his heels
  15. Based on how other QBs are doing that's a blessing to be able to be that nitpicky. I like 350 yards against Baltimore defense myself.