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  1. Do I have a drop for Chriss??

    Sorry, Harrison Barnes...
  2. Do I have a drop for Chriss??

    Thinking Noel after this stinker...
  3. Do I have a drop for Chriss??

    Thx! Yeah, sometimes hard to see value on the wire and not be able to make a move... thx for input...
  4. Do I have a drop for Chriss??

    Noel, Markieff, Capela, Barnes, Crowder, Covington, Middleton Kemba, C.J, Westbrook, Dragic, Ulis
  5. Really like his 4 game week... thanks in advance!!
  6. Drop Capela for Zubac?

    Yep.., thx!!
  7. Drop Capela for Zubac?

    Team in sig
  8. Heading into first week playoff matchup with a team that has a ton of bigs. Looking and reading about Capela's schedule is making me nervous. Don't want to miss out on the Zub...Thoughts on my squad? Thanks!!