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  1. Do I have a drop for Chriss??

    Sorry, Harrison Barnes...
  2. Do I have a drop for Chriss??

    Thinking Noel after this stinker...
  3. Do I have a drop for Chriss??

    Thx! Yeah, sometimes hard to see value on the wire and not be able to make a move... thx for input...
  4. Do I have a drop for Chriss??

    Noel, Markieff, Capela, Barnes, Crowder, Covington, Middleton Kemba, C.J, Westbrook, Dragic, Ulis
  5. Really like his 4 game week... thanks in advance!!
  6. Drop Capela for Zubac?

    Yep.., thx!!
  7. Drop Capela for Zubac?

    Team in sig
  8. Heading into first week playoff matchup with a team that has a ton of bigs. Looking and reading about Capela's schedule is making me nervous. Don't want to miss out on the Zub...Thoughts on my squad? Thanks!!
  9. Someone dropped Capela... Thinking Kilpatrick's time has come and gone... feel like I need another big and Capela's timetable is looking up. Team in sig.... sitting in 6th for playoffs, as I have been holding Tyreke and Noel. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!