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  1. pay me the $600 u owe me for winning your trash a** league pussy!

  2. Waiter isn’t 10 team relevant. Fancy scoring nights like this are cute, but his inefficiencies will show themselves. Easy cut here. Parker also borderline questionable for 10 teamer....Dwight should be back after abs, cloudy up the front court.
  3. I hear Lin could be asking for a potential buy out. I haven’t been watching a lot of Hawk games recently, does Lin back the 2? If Lin gets moved could open a bit up for the backcourt situation...I still wouldn’t expect a drastic boost or anything.
  4. Yeah I was big on stashing for the trade deadline, but as soon as the Hawks decided to not move anyone I had to cut Baze. Prob won’t be cracking above 20 mins a game with everyone was hoping he landed somewhere gd
  5. I found myself struggling with this same question couple days back. Knew I wanted to stash a Hawks wing but just couldn’t decide. Ultimately I went with Prince due to youth/friendlier salary
  6. Porz: ”I’m ready soon, play me” Knicks: “Sorry bro, not trying for Zion...” Porz: “Trade me” Knick: “Ok” Doncic-Porz pairing could go down this season? 👀👀
  7. Geez. I feel insulted as a fellow AD owner just seeing this. Times sure are dire right now 😖😖
  8. I love Dedmon, def one of the unsung heros across my various leagues this season. Unfortunately it seems a lot of teams see his value too, seems to be garnering a lot of interest...praying he stays in Atlanta...I love my 1-1-1 bigs
  9. He is a great stash before the trade deadline. The Hawks will be having a lot of moving pieces in about a week. Lin, Dedmon, Prince, and Bazemore himself are all on the trade block. If he gets traded anywhere with that hefty contract, we can assume he will be getting a lot of run. I salivate at the thought of him in Houston under MDA system... If he isnt traded: but Lin or Prince gets moved, this also gd, means he can secure mins in the mid-late 20s which is what he was averaging so far this season.
  10. My opponent for the week usually is very active on the WW, always streaming and making moves. Most active guy in the league... I’m up 8-1 and He hasn’t made any moves this wk...prob resigned to his fate and not even going to try 😂😂
  11. Wouldn’t shock me. We’re only 2 wks away from the trade deadline. Why have him come back now for no reason and possibly risk anything.
  12. Well that settles that. Nice to know your gonna be set for assists for the next 4-6 match ups I stashed him last wk expecting a timeshare, to be fully unleash for a month tho. Noiiiiice
  13. Thought this was interesting read...hmmm Wonder what pieces Nuggets would send to Cleveland