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  1. Terrence Ross 2018-2019 Outlook

    Hes been absolutely killing it. Insta-offense off the bunch. It’s been a solid season so far. i know he’s worth owning for as long as Isaacs is out. But he’s been playing so damn well, I’m wondering if he’ll still get 24-25 mins off the bench as the sixth man once everybody is back, guy has decent per min production.
  2. Successful Trades 2018-2019

    Pull two blockbuster trades in a 10 teamer league over the weekend that feels like it could nab me atleast a trip to the finals this yr. A GM offered me Lillard for my Gobert (DD/FTM leagues so values are a bit diff), insta-accepted. Was looking to fill hole Gobert left so probed trades for Wendall Carter Jr. GM liked Dame/Lavine, but we didn’t really work anything out that night. Next morning to my surprised dude sent a crazy offer of: Lillard/Lavine for his Harden/WCJ...yes Harden So in a span of 3 days: I turned Gobert and Lavine into Harden and Wendall carter jr.
  3. Successful Trades 2018-2019

    Beginning of the season I managed to snag Covington from a PG starved GM for DSJ. He didn’t really seem liked he valued Cov, cited Fultz’s potential impact/Chandler. Threw out an offer not expecting much and he instantly accepted. Up until now, I am absolutely thrilled with the trade. Wasn’t too hyped about the trade to Minny, but hopefully Cov continues to do his thing. So far so gd for the trade on my end.
  4. For such a young guy, his mid range game is insane. Got this smooth a** lil back spin space seperator scoop/floater shot thing he does so well. Seen dude bank like 3 shots last night effortlessly against Warriors D using this
  5. DeWayne Dedmon 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Yeah, seriously. Is he taking these games off for personal reasons like listed, or are they really dialing back his playtime to get the younger guys some run.
  6. Wow. There will be ups and downs early on...but it only takes 1 up from this guy to win you a single cat for the wk
  7. Caris LeVert 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    damn that’s brutal....don’t own him in any league but as just a fan hate seeing this to a young rising talent. He had a pretty bad injury in college and went thru long rehab to get to the league...truly heart breaking something like this happens when he was reallly starting to put it all together .
  8. Vucevic for Capela + Westbrook

    Dude wtf? your getting RUSS AND CAPELLA for Vuc?! am I missing something...did I read something wrong?! you couldn’t even net Russ with Vuc annnnd Capela typically let alone the other way around take it asAp!!!
  9. SGA vs White ROS whir

    BBM got white projected top 60-70ish finish current and SGA like in the top 100-125 I believe. I usually trust BBM but will have to disagree with them in this case and the raw #s projection. I had a choice to pick between SGA and White and went with the young rookie over the weekend. Happy with this decision so far, guess it will all hinges on what happens to rotation once Avery Bradley comes back, if Shai continues to start and run PG, we will be in a great ride early. Doc I believe already eluded to this. Even if he doesn’t stay in S5 for whatever reason then White will have more short term value IMO...thing is, it would only be a matter of time. So either way I think SGA is the better season long investment
  10. I’m seriously getting Donovan Mitchell vibes from him just situationally.... Last yr I added a rookie guard expecting some defensive stats here and there and ended up with an absolute monster...
  11. In any competitive league he is isn’t a WW Guy...he was drafted in every league I’m in this yr. oops: didn’t see your post about him being dropped. Who was he dropped for...owner prob feeling real bad now
  12. Derrick Rose 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Rose with tears in his eyes as the games concludes. Wow...legendary career moment right here. Don’t own rose but happy for him
  13. Embiid or Gobert?? WHIR!

    Though Gordon and Cov is very tempting....keep Embiid man...overall best player bar none in this trade. Will finish top 10 if no major injury issues. Gobert’s a tank....but no...absolutely not. I own Embiid and gobert in multiple leagues and wouldn’t do this.
  14. Josh Okogie 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Immediately scooped him up in 2, 12teamer after that Butler alert.
  15. Derrick Favors 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Read something about how he lost weight/slimmed down during off season, figure hell the guy has been injury riddled for past 2-3 seasons...maybe he finally bought a new mattress (lmao) and getting his body right for the season so stuff like this won’t happen. 2 weeks in...knees already flaring Annny decent big becomes avail we off the favors train....