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  1. 2019 Trade Deadline Thought this was interesting read...hmmm Wonder what pieces Nuggets would send to Cleveland
  2. Rodions Kurucs 2018-2018

    Giving him 1-2 more games. Liked what I saw in his “big games” won’t let 1-2 duds ruin that, defenses adjust to new threats in the court and he’s a rookie who hasn’t seen any major playtime for the last 1-2 years. I expected a dud sooner or later , lil disappointed that he rattled 2 in a row... just laws of averages I guess Guy is really talented and should be getting all the mins this wk with rhj injured so this bought him an extra wk on my squad.
  3. I remember 2-3 seasons ago he went half a season producing reallly well. Top 75ish type player. Nice trey-1-1 guy. Then guy fell off completely. I always check back when he has nice streaks of games wondering if he can get that same consistency...every season he strings couple nice games...but always falls off. Added him in couple of deeper leagues, but honestly not expecting expect him to post a dud soon
  4. Smart hate is unreal lol Rotoworld writers...u guys ever watch tropic thunder What does Robert Downey jr’s character tell you to NEVER go...
  5. Rodions Kurucs 2018-2018

    Game winning steal and dime!!!
  6. Rodions Kurucs 2018-2018

    Blows my mind how Dudley consistently sees playtime in the 20s. Why...?
  7. Rodions Kurucs 2018-2018

    Im watching the game right now and am very impress with him. I’m convinced Crabbe just lost his starting job.
  8. Tomas Satoransky 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Yep, tuned in the game. Saw he already had 4 fouls at beginning of 3rd qt so that killed most of the playtime.
  9. Tomas Satoransky 2018-19 Season Outlook

    I’m positive this forum has bryan colangelo type characters. Posters who have burner accounts and like the contents of their own posts for whatever reasons. It’s pathethic, same ppl will come in posting the ridiculous takes and instantly you see the SAME guys liking his posts at the exact identical in the middle of the nights and stuff. Its allllways the same ppl liking the post...and vice versa. It’s really pathetic and I want YOU to know I see it. Let your post have their own credence...why like your own stuff.
  10. Horrendous blurb. I stopped taking them serious a long time ago. Smart has been killing it since starting. Draymond type where he could score less then 10 pts and still give u a dope line. Like last night was one of the most satisfying 0 pt game from a player I ever rostered loll. Usually when this happens u start looking for guys on WW. Smart had 4stls/7dimes despite not scoring. Love these type of guys for fantas.
  11. Ross or Huerter. WHIR

    Grab Huerter..he’s about to break out
  12. A PG who can’t shoot FTs is like a girl who doesn’t give..... Rivers FTs is atrocious...just for this alone I can’t roster him
  13. Kevin Huerter 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Absolutely. Foundationally sound: shooter and playmaker, and hustles very hard on the defensive end. He’s very well rounded and his stats line have been showing flashes of everything in the toolbox. Only thing I was worried about was the offensive consistency and it seems he’s finally getting that clicking. Mins’s are Huerter’s to lose, def should be starting with Prince back. They even are starting to set up more plays for him (see below) I added him in every single one of my leagues, all in on this kid. I can DEF see why the Hawks view him as the Klay to trae’s Steph lol.
  14. What’s up with Derrick Jones Jr...? 4 straight games with 25 mins of playtime. Heats were all healthy yesterday besides Dragic, and he still got some run. Stocks galore. Nice stream for Sunday..?