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  1. Well... it just got real in this thread ..suddenly i feel like a little child in room of talking adults...guess there levels to this fantasy stuff loll. Will be listening intently though...see if I can pick up a thing or two
  2. Love Noel but did sometbing similar also. Drop him for Isaacs. B2b game this wk, tanking teAm, recently back from injury. Doesn’t seem like a reliable option this wk.
  3. Super odd situation in a 12 teamer h2h league I’m in. I’m Currently in 8th place making a last ditch push for play offs. I finished this week with 8-1 and the 6th place guy won his match by 6-3 It was really close before and now I think I may of edged him out??? After this wk: My final season record is: 87-82-2 His final season record: 86-81-4 Calculated the GB and we are both tied at 2.5 lol. So so this why I’m confused. Who makes playoffs? Me of this guy..? Never had it come down THIS close before lol
  4. Situation is seriously frustrating. Wtf
  5. Jabari Parker 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Those Teammates of his I tell ya...bunch of good guys. Letting him get those stats again huh?
  6. uh he’s back in again lol
  7. Saw him run into another player. Contact with ankles...then he limped for 1 min b4 taking himself out. ahhh not again. Going to see if he comes back after the half. Seems to be sitting on the bench now and not in the locker room getting examined? So hopefully a gd sign there
  8. Donovan Mitchell 2017-18 Season Outlook

    Dude truly has a knack of doing this lol. i always check first half and expect a dud...and somehow he always turns it up in the 3-4th quarters.
  9. Stopped taking them serious. 2-3 updates ago they were saying he’s must own/stash lol. Couple days later and some expected rusty games back and they flip the script completely
  10. John Collins 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I own both, will say Collins....esp now that it seems he’s finally getting more comfortable with that 3ball. Wcs overall upside is being capped by’s beciming a factor weekly now :/
  11. Exactly. One of the most annoying things in fantasy sometimes when a guy starts heating up after a slow start and gets injured...and kinda has a refind groove. most of last season...Collins currently...hoping Chriss doesn’t get too rusty
  12. Streamed him for a awhile now, keep waiting for the “drop” points when Kuz was back... It’s clear he’s going to be a main stay in the rotation now. Just watch the game...he just looks damn gd out there. Brolo is basically even more of an after thought now. They can’t keep up with him at the 5, Nance is so much faster and just busier. BBM has him projected to finish 60 ROS doing damage in 24 mins: 9pt/7rb/1.5stls/0.6 blocks/56%fg Yeah...this is more then a hold right now. If any trades goes down, could even be better. Brook/Randle...etc
  13. Kyle Anderson 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Cleared waiver. How swayyyy? Feels so gd when you have a last place WW and you are able to get the player you want lmao...hail mary add for the win.
  14. Yep. Always knew Willie was legit, just the Kings been doin Kings things lol. How you expect him to get any kind of consistency with constant line up changes. Looking like same situations brewing...last yr they found their identity after the Boogie trade and he went off in 2nd half.
  15. 2017-2018 Trade Deadline Thread

    Really tho? Lol wtf...for Shump and Frye?! No way this happen...def trade bluff/posturing here lol.