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  1. Saw the Gurley DNP and somehow snagged him for free
  2. I think it's better if the Eagles are competitive compared to the Jets debacle last week. IMO
  3. The thing is you want a tougher schedule. You want the Eagles to be competitive or down in these games....
  4. ROS, I'm debating b/w Gould and Nugent...think I'm "all in" on NE special teams. I've been rolling with NE D all season.
  5. I'm flexing him this week with that thought as well.
  6. I traded Jacobs last week and am really happy to be off this bandwagon. His receiving game usage makes him such a low ceiling player in the talent, not the system.
  7. BINGO. We should be fine barring an injury. I'm not an advocate of handcuffing, but Edmonds is staying on my team for the foreseeable future.
  8. Totally agree. Y'all go ahead an bail on the elite talent...
  9. Did you watch the game? It was a slugfest with two of the top defenses in the league.
  10. We just have to navigate the mid season (9-12) and Week 14 (KC)
  11. Just picked him up off waivers. I’m 3-0, probably 4-0 after this week (playing the saquonless team). Can always drop him...