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  1. More was thinking how thin the position might be this year.
  2. The agent comments are just being utilized for leverage.
  3. I'm more thinking about trying and suffocating the market.
  4. You thinking about DJ if Zeke isn't there?
  5. I had a premonition this morning something was happening...
  6. 4 or 5 receptions on that first drive last night. I have to agree, I think he'll be $ this season as a double digit pick
  7. WHEN WILL WE KNOW MORE INFORMATION..... Sincerely, Pick 5 Player
  8. Playing Robby Anderson over Baldwin this week.
  9. Held off playing Rivers last night for Big Ben (been swapping them in and out all season). 350+ 3TDs Lets gooooo
  10. It didn't kill us, but I've been counting on Kelce to be a STUD every week. We'll see how it all pans out.
  11. I'm in the same boat with the RB2. With Ware out, I think I'm rolling with the Eli show
  12. I've got DaeSean as well, think I'm starting him over Baldwin at WR3
  13. It's all I have left with Lev then Connor, now Ware...have McGuire or Dixon from waivers last night. Decimated....
  14. least we know. Fire up Eli McGuire!!!!
  15. Bills on the plate next week. Hold through them at least (and start).
  16. Anyone just think they'll see an update "Dalvin Cook has been placed on IR" sometime soon...this is rough