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  1. I'm sticking with him. It's him or Jordy. Simple answer there.
  2. Just dropped. I don't think he's going to make a difference this season.
  3. Well that's why Week 13 is so fun. Yahoo allows you to see live standings (with points - tiebreakers) so you can gauge where you are at pretty easily. I'm lucky that I have Wentz and LevBell on SNF & MNF to be able to manipulate my matchup if it works out to do so.
  4. Yeah, no first round byes. Last year I was rolling in second the entire league and was stuck in that spot anyway. Lost in the semi's.
  5. What's your philosophy on tanking the Week 13 matchup to set a better (easier) first round matchup. I did this two years ago and it worked out perfectly and I got my second championship. Thoughts on the karmic effect?
  6. I picked him up for the sole reason of not getting burned by someone else having him on my roster. Part of my playoff plan is hoarding defenses to play each week, trying to lock up the best possible first round matchup and making sure there aren't other players on the WW that could haunt me come playoff time.
  7. Y'all have any updates on suspension appeal? Need him back for Week 14 playoffs
  8. I'm just happy that he'd still healthy. Always a threat for 100/1TD.
  9. It's elementary to vote on trades. Get people in your league that care.
  10. We need this back for close situations. Anyone have any close calls for Week 10. I won by .52 and am worried sick.
  11. Holy s---. My matchup came down to .52. I need to survive stat corrections now...
  12. Finally someone who needs the Carolina D. Lets go, give us a pick-6 early and salt away the win.