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  1. Lets not forget this kid is a high ranked prospect. Sometimes they explode onto the scene, sometimes they bust, sometimes they just take time and improve slowly. I see Willy as the latter. He's locked into the SS gig in a solid lineup and has a path to hitting high up the order if he produces. Want to see a reduced K rate but the hype as somehow gone as people see him as boring or plain average already. He definately has the upside to breakout and makes for a great buy this offseason while no ones talking about him.
  2. Could heal a lot sooner than expected. I like the sound of his progress and got him in a dynasty draft this offseason on the cheap. People seem to have forgotten about him.
  3. What is his potential then if he does play regularly? .290/330 with 20 homers? Would be pretty sweet at catcher. Could be top 3. If he is playing some 3B along with C then he's intriguing to me. Sano will take over there when back but he's at least worth an early gamble. By then he might have proved worth using more at C, and maybe even elsewhere too occasionally. The upside is worth it at such a tire fire position.
  4. Depends if he's OF or only Util eligable. In standard 20gm leagues he's Util, i snapped him up in my other league where he's OF eligable somehow. Either way he's a reliable masher. Amazing how he had such awesome counting stats last year though considering his AVG (less RBIs) and OBP (less runs). Have to imagine those drop a lot, though the A's offense is underrated.
  5. That shows that they see him as vital protection to Manny. It's not like Renfroe is all that anyway, Manny outproduced him last year. He's gonna get the everyday gig hitting behind Manny and I'm pumped for it. Drafted him as a 5th OF and likely will be promoting him from my minors on my other team very soon.
  6. Exactly, he sucks against major league pitching. As a Voit believer, as long as he's hitting which he is, I don't care what Bird's doing. Only would've been worried if Voit was struggling. Bird might stay up if Hicks hits the shelf, but after that it's bye bye Birdy. If Voit is hitting cleanup it could be awesome this year. Either way I love him in that lineup/park after what he showed last year, and with 1B being so ugly this year.
  7. Smells like a classic DH only role is needed here to keep those aging bones healthy. Like how it worked a treat with Ortiz and Cruz. Why don't they just make him the everyday DH, and not even sniff the infield anymore?
  8. I own both on my main team and think it makes most sense to hit Eaton leadoff honestly. Better OBP skills, whereas Trea has more power more suited to 2nd hole. Why shouldn't Turner hit 2nd? Seems like it's Turner owners, worried that it would slightly lower his steals to me. I know the burner usually hits 1st not 2nd, just wondering why in this case.
  9. Isn't Taylor injured anyway, possibly from falling off the cliff? Eaton's job should be locked up now. Hopefully he can finally produce what the Nats expected of him in leadoff.
  10. Seeing as it was two questions im not sure how that can sum everything up for him.
  11. Free Willi(ans)! So if just a backup 3B option is he worth rostering? We he get one or two reps at catcher each week too?
  12. If it doesn't fill tonight, we just gonna push it back a day or two?
  13. Nice of you to tell your mom. But in seriousness, do you think our league will fill in time for tonight? I'm obviously not paying up until it's full and I know we're drafting.
  14. Someone doesnt read Pitchers list. Any pitcher who interests Nick Pollack is of interest to me, and he ranks him #69. An indepth piece from his PL sidekick here: https://www.pitcherlist.com/going-deep-is-merrill-kelly-2019s-miles-mikolas/
  15. Nice, I've signed up. Expecting a leaguesafe invite soon, I'll pay up once the league is full.