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  1. Top 2nd sacker in the game now?
  2. Well since I posted that things have been just dandy. Incredibly with the crazy offense around now, he's been even BETTER this year. Due to throwing harder and getting insane whiffs on that heater: 96mph avg, 94mph avg last year. xFIP (2.39!) and FIP (2.67) now dropped over a run from last year. If his body can continue this he has to be clear top 10 approaching top 5 now. Question is can his body hold up throwing high octane cheddar? Tito's proven ability to abuse SP's makes me nervous too (over 100 pitches last 8 starts ffs). Talking more about next year though for those in keepers. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/the-retooled-mike-clevinger-is-something-to-behold/
  3. Surprised by all the talk about Folty at this stage, after this brutal year most redraft owners have moved on long ago. I'm only here because I bought into last year and kept him for 2 more years! Paying for that this year ugh. Have still held so far because either I keep him for $7 next year too or face a $4 penalty for cutting. That said limited keepers here each year (9) so think I'm better off cutting ties. I'll hold just in case last outing was finally the start of a turnaround but not holding my breath.
  4. I wonder what he might cost next year if he proves healthy to finish. It was only a good month or so but that sort of production is scarce at pitching these days and the potential is clearly there. I can keep him for $6 next year as 1/9 keepers so gonna be in consideration this offseason. A good finish and big spring could send him rocketing back up ADP's next year.
  5. Crickets on here for 2 months, and rightly so as he's done nothing. Still is he worth grabbing in keepers where prospects have extra value (cheap contracts)? I just don't know what's happened to his speed, 5SBs and 3CS???
  6. If only Hunter had some decent support in his lineup, he could be a monster. Only Soler without Mondesi makes the protection very weak. The skills he's showing are there to be a top 5-10 3B.
  7. This guy was just born to hit. Barrels up everything, would love to know his barrels% from any stattos out there!
  8. There's a bit of Altuve in that swing. Can see a similar power development, though hopefully he's further along than when Altuve first entered (AAA numbers say he is). Downside is he doesn't run like Altuve. But there's still value in the bat long term, definately can see high AVG/OBP leading to lots of runs near the top of their lineup.
  9. Not talk at all? Having a very solid season showing power speed and solid AVG. The plate discipline is impressive too, he really doesn't strike out much.
  10. Just a heads up that Zac attack still doesn't have his own thread listed in the index. Many use that like me, so he needs adding sharpish. Finally making his long awaited start for the Backs tonight. Should be a good'un, Phillies are nothing scary especially on the road. Just relieved he stayed in the NL. If the Marlins sold him to an AL team like the O's or Jays that would've been horrendous.
  11. Why is he not then? Just because J-Ram has heated up? Guess he hasn't got on base quite as regularly either. The power's been a nice suprise though. Definately looks like a 20-20 guy over a full season, and they don't grow on trees anymore.
  12. Added him in my keeper as a contending team has an overloaded DL so had to cut him. Why have we heard no news since his scan in late July? Even if he doesn't come back, do people like his price $6 for keeping next year? If he avoids TJ that is...
  13. The hitter that keeps on hitting.
  14. And when he plays, he homers folks. Give him some 1B if need be goddamnit, just get his bat in there regularly!