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  1. Ok so this is like a dynastyish keeper? You mean Kyler Murray correct? If so I'd do this 100% Boyd has a lot of time left and you have so many wr's right now. Thanks for help on mine!
  2. OK Trade 1: I like this, Westbrook and Goodwin are borderline droppable so the depth plpus the qb in a deep league looks nice Trade 2 Breida will be nice for the short term, I think I like the other trade better
  3. Yes put Brees in your IR slot, Go for Allen, then Brissett if Allen is gone Yes drop albert wilson for Mostart, Drop him for anyone Yes Drop Humphries for Robinson Yes even though it sucks drop hunter henry, I'd go for Olsen for this week for sure, then Dissly. Hooper isnt bad though if you are in a tough spot http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/764788-trade-offered-in-2qb-league-help-whir/
  4. Man this is tough I like Carson > Connor and Godwin is a monster. Is olsen on your waivers? if so grab him. If not maybe you do this but I would lean towards no
  5. Lat Murr if Connor seems hurt, if not I'd drop both him and Samuels. I think Penny will be starter soon!
  6. Im guessing the team in your sig is not real if it is, you are not going to be playing Mostert over zeke, conner, mixon, mccaffreyk, chubb, bell or fournette lol
  7. Trade 1 I would for Miles Sanders, think he still has upside this year Trade 2 No, I like Wentz and Monty better than Cam and Freeman Trade 3 Tough, Jones looked awesome last week and sony will be hit and miss, I'd probably say no even though I think Waller is going to be really good
  8. He might take it for Andrews and Evans, which I would still do for Cook
  9. Drop for Allen! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/764788-trade-offered-in-2qb-league-help-whir/
  10. That is a tough one, I dont want to give up Kamara, but he is going to be down with brees out for at least half the year. I think you get an upgrade at wr and QB, but I wouldnt want to give away my best player. Plus you can just start goff I guess its a no go for me
  11. out of those options I'd take the flyer on Darwin
  12. Ok, so you trade David Montgomery, Mike Evans, and Sanders for Bell, Will Fuller, and Sutton? I don't think I do that one. I think theres better options on the waiver than fuller and sutton, so you are giving away 2 high upside RB's and Mike Evans for Bell, can you get back at least a wr2 or rb 2 in this? Maybe Arob or metcalf and Singletary instead?? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/764788-trade-offered-in-2qb-league-help-whir/
  13. I'd definintely drop Cam and Lat Murr, Don't really like any of those qb's is Allen or Brissett available? Allen is my top qb add