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  1. It's clearly a joke, but I'm glad it angered some people in this thread. But it is literally the dumbest pregame "speech" in the history of sports.
  2. Is this really a guy you want to start in a must-win game?
  3. Got a cool 1.1 points from my QB and kicker combined (Mariota and Gano). Didn't think that was even possible.
  4. Streaming Mariota looks to be paying dividends.
  5. I'm getting McCaffrey'd and Bear'd too. I knew as soon as I saw my opponents lineup and his Bears vs. Bills it was going to be a huge problem. But it's better to take a beating than to lose a close game. At least I've got that going for me.
  6. Nothing really new but Rapoport tweeted early this morning the Seahawks are optimistic he plays but will test him out pregame. Guess I'll be checking for tweets from the Hawks beat writers later today, but picked up Valdes-Scantling just to have a backup flex starter.
  7. Everyone knows what Fitz is. I just thought it was funny a few people came in here pumping up Winston when Fitz hit a rough patch. He's got 70 turnovers in 49 career games and leads the league in interceptions despite missing virtually half the season. Great call guys!
  8. Hopefully some of the people that infiltrated this thread laughing about Fitz now realize what knowledgable football folks already did: Jameis Winston is dumb as a rock and not a very good QB.
  9. So much for the Bills D. Looks like they've given up. I'm not sure Anderson can get the ball past midfield, which was my big concern. Hopefully not many of you guys made this mistake.
  10. @herschel After debating this for days, I ended up going with Buffalo as well. I guess Anderson can't be any worse than what they've been trotting out at QB so hopefully he can at least sustain some drives. Good luck to you guys. It was a tough week to stream.
  11. Can't wait to see what Cleats comes up with in the Henry thread after that vulture lol
  12. @tim14125 Bucs have more boom or bust (more than likely bust) than any other DST out there this week. It's just a bad week to stream defenses. A lot's been written about the Browns WR corp and Mayfield's coming off a bad game, but the more probable scenario is that he puts up big numbers playing catchup against that atrocious secondary. I'm leaning Lions right now but I'll probably change my mind a few times before Sunday.
  13. Shew, my DST waiver wire is looking rough. I made the Chargers my top claim, missed out, and should've kept Colts as my No. 2 but didn't and they got jumped on quick. What's everyone thinking about the second and third tier choices? I've been agonizing over this for two days and I've resorted to hoping that someone drops a decent defense between now and Sunday that I see some upside in. Here's what's out there and what I'm thinking off the top of my head. What do you guys think? Bills: If this was in Buffalo I'd love them. But Hilton's returned to practice, Mack looked good last week and Luck's been playing well. And I can picture Buffalo practically giving away 10-17 points just on stalled drives and field position. Patriots: They've been bad and the game's at Soldier Field. Allen Robinson may miss this game which would be a slight uptick. Khalil Mack's hobbled and they're also hurting at CB so the Patriots should put up a lot of points. A shootout or can Hoodie find a way to slow down Trubisky? Cowboys: Another I'd consider if they were at home. Seems like they're a better "real life" defense than a fantasy defense and Alex Smith takes care of the ball pretty well with his patented dinks and dunks. Dolphins: At home, but getting Stafford and Co. off a bye and the Lions suddenly have a nice run game. Not feeling too good about them. Lions: Yet another I'd like on their home field. Osweiler will fall back to earth in a humiliating way at some point, but as mentioned in previous posts here, will the heat affect the Lions like it apparently did the Bears last week? Bucs: God help me, I'm giving them strong consideration. I know nothing noteworthy about their defense, which has clearly been awful, but the players love this new defensive coordinator, it's in Tampa, the offense will score points and I think their run defense is actually pretty stout. And here's this about Baker Mayfield. Years of regrettable roster management surrounded the rookie quarterback with a questionable supporting cast. He’s currently playing behind an offensive line that’s allowed him to be sacked on nearly 8 percent of his dropbacks — more than fellow rookies Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen. And while a budding running game is doing work to relieve the pressure from his shoulders, an ever-shrinking pocket is forcing him to rely on his receivers to step up and make the plays that will allow Mayfield to be his best self. And that’s not happening. The Cleveland receiving corps was shallow coming into the 2018 preseason. After six weeks, it may be the worst in the league. Offseason prize Jarvis Landry has proven himself worthy of the massive extension he signed in May, but he’s gotten little support from the rest of the targets on the Browns roster. Through six games, the former Dolphin has 27 more targets than any other wide receiver on the roster. Antonio Callaway, the rookie fourth-round pick who comes in second, has caught just 38.5 percent of the passes thrown his way. Callaway is just part of the problem when it comes to frustrating misses. Cleveland’s targets dropped an amazing nine catches in Week 4’s overtime loss to the Raiders. The Browns as a whole have dropped 9.8 percent of Mayfield’s passes — by far the highest rate in the league. It’s made the Cleveland passing attack easy to plan against. With no one else in the lineup to threaten opposing secondaries, opponents have double- and triple-teamed Landry in order to take him out of the equation. It’s worked; Mayfield targeted his top receiver nine times in Week 6’s loss to the Chargers. Landry finished his day with two catches for 11 yards — both season lows. And help doesn’t appear to be on the way. I know Mayfield had a good game against Baltimore two weeks ago (in Cleveland) and they'll be playing from behind this Sunday, but I don't really know if Tampa's secondary can stop anyone. But with the staff shakeup I find myself wanting to roll the dice on them. And I don't really like it. Just curious what you guys think about the "other" DSTs this week. Chargers and Colts are long gone for most of us.
  14. I needed 4 yards from Kittle at halftime and am getting really nervous.
  15. Shanny with some injury report gamesmanship. I think most everyone expected Brieda out over the weekend. But Kittle is good to go, thank God.