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  1. Yep take him out back and shoot him Old Yeller style lol Fk it, I'm starting him. My other options aren't that great. Picking Melvin Gordon where I did rears it's ugly head. Good luck in your games today fellas.
  2. I'm hesitant but don't really like my alternatives. Nothing like agonizing over a lineup in Week 1. Great omen for the rest of the season.
  3. Wish he'd just crawl back to ownership and beg for the $10M contract he turned down and end this nonsense. There's zero chance of him and his idiot agent swallowing their pride and playing for the original deal, especially when Gio Bernard signed for $5M/per today. And no one's dumb enough to trade a first-round pick for him if they have to turn around and give him a big contract. Hopefully Rapoport's wrong on this, but him and Schefter are usually the gospel with this stuff.
  4. Good to be back sharing a large part of my life for the next few months with you degenerates. Drafted Jameis today. Now, let's eat some Ws this season.
  5. It's clearly a joke, but I'm glad it angered some people in this thread. But it is literally the dumbest pregame "speech" in the history of sports.
  6. Is this really a guy you want to start in a must-win game?
  7. Got a cool 1.1 points from my QB and kicker combined (Mariota and Gano). Didn't think that was even possible.
  8. Streaming Mariota looks to be paying dividends.
  9. I'm getting McCaffrey'd and Bear'd too. I knew as soon as I saw my opponents lineup and his Bears vs. Bills it was going to be a huge problem. But it's better to take a beating than to lose a close game. At least I've got that going for me.
  10. Nothing really new but Rapoport tweeted early this morning the Seahawks are optimistic he plays but will test him out pregame. Guess I'll be checking for tweets from the Hawks beat writers later today, but picked up Valdes-Scantling just to have a backup flex starter.
  11. Everyone knows what Fitz is. I just thought it was funny a few people came in here pumping up Winston when Fitz hit a rough patch. He's got 70 turnovers in 49 career games and leads the league in interceptions despite missing virtually half the season. Great call guys!
  12. Hopefully some of the people that infiltrated this thread laughing about Fitz now realize what knowledgable football folks already did: Jameis Winston is dumb as a rock and not a very good QB.
  13. So much for the Bills D. Looks like they've given up. I'm not sure Anderson can get the ball past midfield, which was my big concern. Hopefully not many of you guys made this mistake.