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  1. Gio signed his extension a couple days after my draft and I remember being concerned when I read about it. Paying $6 million a year to a backup and letting him out-snap a potential star seemed very Bengal-like. I wasn't sure how it would play out, but here we are. Here the bleep we are. I know they don't want AC content on here but I'm really curious what people have gotten for him in a trade. No one in my league wants him. It's dire now, but I still think there's some potential for a rebound. The offensive line can gel, AJ Green will help, maybe Zac Taylor wisens up and figures out some creative ways to get him the ball.
  2. Mixon's snap percentages. It's ugly. vs. Seattle: 37 percent (Gio 63 percent) vs. San Francisco: 55 percent (Gio 39 percent) vs. Buffalo: 58 percent (Gio 42 percent) vs. Pittsburgh: 64 percent (Gio 32 percent) vs. Arizona: 62 percent (Gio 39 percent) vs. Baltimore: 48 percent (Gio 53 percent) Gio outsnaps Mixon then they're trailing. Which is often. It's not limited to just 3rd downs. They gave Gio a nice extension right before the season started and they really like him, for whatever reason. But there's still no excuse for supposed offensive mastermind Zac Taylor to not figure out ways to get Mixon the ball in space. But nope, let's just run him up the gut into our bad OL, then go to our scat back when we're down 14. Par for the course with this franchise.
  3. Their offensive line is in shambles. At least they had Mike Pouncey when Ekeler was running good early in the season. He's out now and it seems to have had a domino effect on their line. Their left guard switched to center against Pittsburgh, and they filled that guard position with a guy making his first NFL start. Both Gordon and Ekeler were getting blown up in the backfield Sunday night. NBC showed a replay of Devin Bush rushing unblocked off the edge to nail Gordon, and if Gordon could've somehow juked him, there were 2 more Steelers directly in front of him coming in for the kill. I don't know if this gets better short-term. Tennessee is going to be a big challenge too. I'm dealing with another sh*t offensive line with Joe Mixon on my team as well. And it sucks.
  4. Snell thrived in "kill the clock" mode at Kentucky. They might use him quite a bit to do the dirty work in games they're up big (they play Miami after the bye). Connor probably has a thigh bruise. He got nailed by a safety in his upper leg on his last touch of the game. I doubt it's anything remotely serious, and there's a bye week coming up anyway.
  5. I finally hop on the Minshew Express the week it derails. Saw it coming a mile away but didn't like the other streaming options (even though they're all having good games, predictably).
  6. It seems Dede's turning into a trendy starter this week. Coming off a target hog game, Chark drawing Lattimore coverage, leaving Dede to slot corner PJ Williams, who's gotten lit up by Cooper Kupp, Chris Godwin and Tyler Lockett. Chark moves around, occasionally into the slot, but Dede plays there 86 percent of snaps. Of course, this means he falls on his face Sunday. But is anyone jumping on?
  7. He's finally going to have a good game when most people benched him.
  8. Got spooked into dropping Stafford about 30 minutes from kickoff and picked up Kyle Allen. Nice little 20-something point difference that's going to cost me a win and eat at my soul nonstop for the next 7 days.
  9. Amendola inactive. Anyone still in with Stafford? This looks like the classic case of me making a last-minute change and getting burned.
  10. I know he's a tough SOB but I'm a little concerned.
  11. It doesn't sound like he's gonna play, and I didn't expect him to after his quad flared up last week. I'll keep an eye on Twitter Sunday morning and if he somehow does, it'll be hard to keep him out of the lineup. He's a speed guy, but great in the redzone too. So being a little hobbled doesn't make him unplayable by any stretch. But I'm fine with him sitting and being near 100 percent for next week's shootout at KC.
  12. Damien misses practice again Friday. Time to fire up Darrel(l).
  13. Play well against Trubs, Cousins and Flacco... "THE NEW STEEL CURTAIN!! SET & FORGET ROS!!!!"
  14. Let me know if you start them again next week and I'll try to talk you out of it.
  15. They've played Trubs, Cousins (who doesn't throw anymore) and Flacco. Their defense will prove to be bad everywhere, like usual.
  16. I never believed this Packers defense was anything different, despite a lot of the analysts pumping them up. No more Trubs or Flacco on the schedule for a while. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.
  17. Danny Amendola in deeper PPR leagues. Targets have varied greatly (13, 1, 5) but Stafford should be throwing a ton vs. Kansas City. Hockenson could come to life in this game too if you've written him off for dead.
  18. Thielen's not getting targets either. He has a whopping 16 through 3 games (Diggs has 12). It appears Diggs is a gameflow-dependent starter right now. He scored against Chicago in both games last year (including a 13-126 monster) but it's hard to imagine Trubs mustering enough offense to allow Cousins to wing it this time. Then again, I don't foresee Dalvin Cook getting much going on the ground. I dunno. With Hilton likely out I'm gonna have to start this dude no matter what. I've had him benched for 2 straight weeks. I do like the schedule going forward though. The new-look Giants, Eagles, Lions, Skins, Chiefs. Just hold and hope for good gameflow I guess. You're not getting anything of substance in trade return right now.
  19. One of the Giants beat guys mentioned Cameron Artis-Payne as a possibility. Former Gettleman pick. Seems like Darkwa (who's opening campaigning for a call) and CJ Anderson are the likeliest guys. Maybe Ajayi. I think there's a number of RBs out there who'd leapfrog Gallman within a week or two. I've got an open roster spot so I'm waiting to see who Schefter announces then jumping on them. Yes, I'm that desperate. I've got issues beyond Saquon on my team.
  20. At Chicago next week. Yikes. At this point he's an injury/bye week replacement. And I'd still be scouring the waiver wire hard before plugging him in.