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  1. You said email you but I don’t see your email. Send info to wheyen33@gmail.com
  2. Interested, could you email me details quick before invite? I'd be picking 15 keepers from the guys on that roster right now? wheyen33@gmail.com , and any other scoring, payout info you can provide... and weekly/daily, any other relevant stuff
  3. I've sent you a link to the team.

  4. Could you send along the full roster to wheyen33@gmail.com
  5. Could you explain to me if there’s six teams on each side or twelve, and why it’s set up as is? Wheyen33@gmail.com
  6. Could you email me when the team selection will be happening? And then answer the following: Once teams are selected, all season I basically move guys around from those teams? If a guy in real life is traded away from one of my teams, does he go away from my fantasy team and vice versa? wheyen33@gmail.com
  7. Could you email and let me know if there's any keeper element or monetary entry element to the league? Thanks, wheyen33@gmail.com
  8. would be interested in the above team wheyen33@gmail.com
  9. Could you send me full roster and let me know the offseason timeline once I conceptually join? wheyen33@gmail.com
  10. Send me any other info about how close to full and when you think the slow draft will start, wheyen33@gmail.com
  11. Is there a roster I'd be taking over? wheyen33@gmail.com
  12. Some interest. Could you email me the following: When would the draft begin? And when you say "rookies" do you mean minor leaguers? wheyen33@gmail.com