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  1. I took him 5th round 14 team H2H ESPN Pts league so drafted as pick #69; got extremely thin after him Some notables for comparison who was drafted before him (keep in mind the league settings): 57 D'Angelo Russell, Bkn PG Team HowdHeDoDat 58 Robert Covington, Phi PF SIX to MIDNIGHT 59 Nicolas Batum*, Cha SF TOP RACE CAR 60 Tobias Harris, Det PF Champion Papi 61 Trevor Ariza, Hou SF Gook City Bird Gang 62 Otto Porter Jr., Wsh SF Hate Us Cause They Anus 63 Ricky Rubio, Utah PG Old Bridge Husky Praning 64 Dennis Smith Jr., Dal PG Jason and the Argonaughts 65 Clint Capela, Hou C Blue Steel 66 Gorgui Dieng, Min C LABEL US NOTORIOUS 67 Victor Oladipo, Ind SG BODAK MELO 68 Julius Randle, LAL PF Commissioner CRE-Silver
  2. Is it really competition for crabbe I see his attempts hovering around double digits but really bad make percentages. He's getting too much attention when hes on the floor. More shots probably won't help even if a team allows someone to shoot their way out of a slump. Lol hope I don't regret this. Gonna stream Crabbe over my other underperformer j. Holiday (then secretly hope to pick Crabbe back up again next week)
  3. Can't find his shot still. will probably do better against the Lakers later this week. If I find an alterantive i'm dropping crabbe
  4. Yeah I'm seeing that about Crabbe. And Lin is out for the season. No it spot was able to pick up markief Morris this week
  5. 14 team H2H ESPN points league. Who can I most safely stream without kicking myself in the future? PG: Schroder, Lin SG: Fournier, Bazemore, Crabbe SF: AGordon, Barnes, Holiday PF: Whiteside, Favors C: Cousins, Jordan 2018 projected fantasy stats has Holiday rated the lowest at 900, Lin and Crabbe at 1000. Just hard to follow with Holidays upside in Chicago.. and I'm a Nets fan so hard to decide lol.
  6. To this day I don't know what WHIR means Ohh NVM I looked it up lol