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  1. Rex Burkhead 2018 Season Outlook

    With Sony Michel in and Dion Lewis out, I'm on the fence regarding Burkhead's value in PPR. Can he carve out a solid role in NE or will it be another season of musical chairs in the backfield ? Assuming he stays healthy this time, would you spend a mid/late round pick on him in drafts ?
  2. Mark Ingram 2018 Season Outlook

    This hurts. I was looking forward to my Ingram & Kamara combo rolling in dynasty. Not only am I missing out on point, I'm kinda worried Kamara may get overworked as the lead back. Any word on what kind of substance he was tested positive on ?
  3. Rico Gathers 2018 Season Outlook

    Looks like Gathers may get his chance, health permitting.
  4. New York Giants 2018 Season Outlook

    This was a fun discussion. Especially the Bortles part. He was so great that a manger in my 16 team dynasty league dropped him late mid season and I had to scoop him up out of desperation (talk of Eli getting benched & Mahomes not ready / sad story..). I see a lot of Giants going very early in fantasy drafts this season: - OBJ (obviously) and Barkley (people love a new toy at RB) first round - Engram as soon as late second, early third to a manager that had been burned by last seasons TE fiasco - Shepard no later then the fourth especially in PPR - Dez (decent chance he takes the "deal") also fourth due to name recognition alone ................ - Eli very late as a backup QB
  5. New York Giants 2018 Season Outlook

    Good catch ! He looks better in blue anyway. Time to draft this guy and call him Saquon "The Punisher" Barkley !
  6. Good luck to Fultz in the playoffs after what looked like a lost season (maybe even career) for him. With that said, it's a shame that "the process" (i.e. losing on purpose and putting the worst possible product on the floor for years) has actually worked. Teams are even being ridiculed for winning games after they are out of the playoff picture.
  7. New York Giants 2018 Season Outlook

    I don't see a scenario were the Browns pass on a QB with the first pick. The drop off between selecting the #1 QB on their draft sheet versus the #3 QB with the fourth pick is just too big. The wildcard in that scenario is obviously the Giants who are not as locked in at QB as the Jets. I strongly hope Gettleman doesn't get cute and simply selects the best player available, who is Barkley without a doubt. Then he has to put all the OBJ speculations to rest by giving him a well deserved extension and the future looks very bright again. Eli has enough fuel left in the tank for 1-2 solid years, so the QB of the future is either Webb or someone to be selected in the 2019 draft.
  8. New York Giants 2018 Season Outlook

    He had no running game, had to run for his life every snap behind that line and his receivers wouldn't have made the practice squad on most teams.
  9. New York Giants 2018 Season Outlook

    Looks like Andrew Norwell is also heading to the Meadowlands. It's a nice first step in rebuilding the OL. Gettleman is using his Panthers connections and I like what he is doing up till now. Now bring on the draft !
  10. New York Giants 2018 Season Outlook

    The Browns also missed out on the last two franchise quarterbacks by trading away those picks. Wentz at #2 in 2016 and Watson at #12 in 2017. It's wishful thinking, but maybe the Browns rethink their strategy and go all in on a QB this time around.
  11. New York Giants 2018 Season Outlook

    I still hope the Browns, or a team willing and able to trade for #1, think differently.
  12. New York Giants 2018 Season Outlook

    I really hope Barkley is still available at #2 and the Giants don't pass on a generational talent like this. Him and OBJ on offense would make any QBs life easier and that QB can be had at the start of the second round. Now there is still that issue with the OL that has to be fixed later in the draft and in FA. Gettleman has his work cut out for him.
  13. New York Giants 2018 Season Outlook

    For a Giants fan, everybody is a good hire after the McAdoo "era". I was hoping for Patricia but I can live with Shurmer. He did a good job with the Vikings. I was equally underwhelmed back in the day when the Giants hired Tom Coughlin. History obviously proved me wrong, so there is hope...
  14. Saquon Barkley 2018 Season Outlook

    Then I probably won't own him. The top 12 this year is so full of studs that I'd be hard pressed to pass on any of them for an unproven rookie. I do and totally agree.
  15. Early 2018 Top 20 Rankings

    A guy who misses that many games is not a first round pick in my book. The first round is for the safe pick, the cornerstone of your team.