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  1. We have an opening for one team. You keep 8 major league and 12 minor league players per season. H2H with 2 match ups per week. We have year round trading. Some of the players are Sanchez/Baez/Donaldson/Judge/Corbin/Hill/Cespedes. If you are interested or have questions please contact me. billyprice3@triad.rr.com
  2. I'm interested in the first team. Please send invite. I'm commish of 3 leagues on cbs. Very Active. billyprice3@triad.rr.com
  3. If the spot hasn't been filled I'm interested. I'm Commish of three leagues on CBS. Very active. Thanks billyprice3@triad.rr.com
  4. If it's still open send me invite. Thanks billyprice3@triad.rr.com
  5. I would be interested in some details. Cost? Players? Etc
  6. Disregard the draft pick question. Send invite to billyprice3@triad.rr.com
  7. I am interested. Can we trade draft picks during the season for the next season? Do you see this being a year round league as far as trades?