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  1. who isn't at this point...mixon has been absolutely brutal..
  2. That was a nice pick up. He definitely belongs at Flex ahead of your other flex options. but if Edmonds is out there...i'd burn a lot of faab or high priority on him.
  3. your team is nice compared to mine sucks to be in a league that's allergic to trading. have you hit the ww? take it a week at a time and burn the priority if you have a high priority on the hot waiver pick up...or burn some significant faab to get the hot waiver pick up and try to win a week at a time until your starters figure out their s#!+
  4. Yeah, i'm leaning that way as well...if there is something really wrong with DJ and forces him to miss a significant amount of weeks(4+) then Chase can be a real 'league winner' or in my case a 'season saver'
  5. I'm trying to gauge what to do with Edmonds too! i'll be checking in here to see what people are doing with Chase following his massive game and news that Arizona are working out some FA RBs. names like Ajayi do scare me in taking significant snaps from Chase if they do sign him..
  6. Is Chase a sell high candidate or a ride it out player?
  7. Probably Jimmy Graham due to lack of targets for Rodgers.
  8. Waivers for Henderson clears current RB situation: Conner(bye), David Montgomery, Chase Edmonds. dont' have to say's VERY bleak. Currently starting Edmonds at RB2 and flexing cole beasley...good lord... Do i burn the #2 waiver on Henderson? I need a miracle to save my season anyway...
  9. for the picks during the offseason or if you fall out of contention.
  10. Aaron Jones then yes you have a legitimate shot, like 25% chance...if Marvin Jones then better look next time...In yahoo probability, this is a 1% chance
  11. need 20 from MVS or whatever guy on waiver in this game.
  12. i need a miracle 20 points out of MVS or Geronimo....pretty much i need a prayer answered. Which of these guys do you think has the best shot at 20 tonight? Im leaning MVS but he will likely have Slay on him but at the same time i think all the short passes will go to Aaron Jones if previous game was any indicator. any thoughts?
  13. OBJ has probably brought your team down every week except one this season...get rid of that headache...this is a clear win for you.
  14. i'd do it. CMC is clearly better than Zeke this season. Juju and Beckham are a wash and Waller has been the more consistent TE but Kittle does have the much higher upside.
  15. Try to go for Howie Kendrick...he's a grand slam if you can land him.
  16. Sorry if this has been posted but..
  17. Half PPR... assuming Herndon plays, Herndon vs Dal or Hockenson vs GB?