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  1. Aaron Jones then yes you have a legitimate shot, like 25% chance...if Marvin Jones then better look next time...In yahoo probability, this is a 1% chance
  2. need 20 from MVS or whatever guy on waiver in this game.
  3. i need a miracle 20 points out of MVS or Geronimo....pretty much i need a prayer answered. Which of these guys do you think has the best shot at 20 tonight? Im leaning MVS but he will likely have Slay on him but at the same time i think all the short passes will go to Aaron Jones if previous game was any indicator. any thoughts?
  4. OBJ has probably brought your team down every week except one this season...get rid of that headache...this is a clear win for you.
  5. i'd do it. CMC is clearly better than Zeke this season. Juju and Beckham are a wash and Waller has been the more consistent TE but Kittle does have the much higher upside.
  6. Try to go for Howie Kendrick...he's a grand slam if you can land him.
  7. Sorry if this has been posted but..
  8. Half PPR... assuming Herndon plays, Herndon vs Dal or Hockenson vs GB?
  9. easily coleman since you have can get kittle and try trading away ertz for a better RB but i think Coleman has a decent upside.
  10. I currently own Juju and Conner...trying to hop off this wrecking ball before it's too late. In a half PPR league. I have this offer on the table. I give: Juju, Conner, Thielen I get: Nuk, Kerryon, Alshon I think this is ez yes...right?
  11. im personally going to try to pick up stafford...currently own dalton..
  12. Half ppr...Mahomes WR3 or Lamar Jackson WR1?
  13. Thanks! I don’t want to but I feel like between Hock and has to be better than OJ right? But both Hock and Herndon have byeweeks this week so that’s why I would need a Eifert this week..I can’t take anymore of OJ
  14. I have Herndon and OJ Howard and want solidify my TE. Considering dropping OJ Howard for Hockenson(who was dropped this week). Also need to pick up a TE for this week so I’m thinking of dropping Pollard for Ebron or Eifert. Should I pick up both Hock and Eifert and drop OJ and Pollard? half ppr
  15. man ...i think i'd go AJ Brown lol this is rough.
  16. 4 pt per Pass TD which QB is the better start? Baker vs SF or Dalton vs Ari? I currently have Baker but Dalton looks disgusting as that sounds.
  17. half PPR, who to start at flex? i absolutely need this win or else i got 0-5 lol Hollywood CThompson Jaylen Samuels or do i drop Pollard and pick up Geronimo or J Wilkins as a spot start this week over the guys above?
  18. For Diggs...probably Pats, Chiefs, or Saints for Fantasy...probably Bengals, Chiefs