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  1. for those interested in my roster to further criticize my trade.... SGA, D'angelo, Rondae, Cauley Stein, Doncic, Randle, Poeltl, Taurean Prince, Gary Harris, JJJ, Fultz, Isaac, Tatum, Towns, Ben Simmons, Jordan Bell, MPJ, Lonzo, and Kaminsky(picked him back up after the owner i traded him to dropped him) yes my team is a young build. currently ranked 8th out of 12.
  2. I am in a 16 team 30 man roster dynasty league that’s been running for a while now and I somehow only have 1 RP and that’s a FA pick up in Matt Barnes this off-season. Long story short I inherited a old crappy team and traded away all and any asset I had for draft picks and ended up with my team today. I want to try landing a stud RP about to hit their prime such as Diaz Hader Osuna etc... below is my team, please help me get creative and see what kinda offer makes sense in a dynasty league Batters: acuna, Alfaro, bellinger, betts, Seager, moncada, vlad Guerrero jr, Juan Soto, mazara, Buxton, peraza, Kyle tucker, Royce Lewis, Taylor Trammell, keibert ruiz, Adell, Brendan Rodgers, wander Franco Pitchers Ohtani, Nola, Buehler, Alex reyes, Berrios, m. Keller, Forrest Whitley, honeywell, sixto, Nate Pearson, Kopech, and the only RP Matt Barnes
  3. Thank you. 3 of these guys are availalble. Corbin Burnes unfortunately not.
  4. I am in a 16 team dynasty league, 30 players per roster, league and amazingly enough i dont have a single RP in my lineup(stacked with high profile prospects[all position players or SP], young bats and starting pitching). I wanted to see if there were any sleeper RPs you guys know of that i can potentially use to fill in my 2 empty RP slots. Anything helps...Thanks!
  5. Liked Isaac's game so much recently i had to do this trade... Traded away: Giannis, Kaminsky Got back: Luka Doncic, Isaac, and MPJ oh yeah..and this is a dynasty league of course. May have bought him kinda high the cost of Giannis but i like Isaac and Luka ALOT..and oh well it's all for fun and games right.
  6. Why can't Yahoo make up their minds and either make them completely 2 different players or keep him as one...this problem has been in their face for over for at least 4 months now or more...however long Ohtani the pitcher has been out for.
  7. Im not entitled...if Scherzer was out with a Tommy John all season...and you couldn't put him in the DL all season and burn a sure you would think thats BS.
  8. It’s one thing for yahoo to split Ohtani into pitcher and hitter and treat them as two different players...but when the pitcher is out and the hitter is least give the pitcher the IR tag so we can pick up players
  9. Im afraid I was expecting too much from yahoo to think they would address Ohtani...
  10. pool would include Franco, Mize, Bart, Gorman, India, Bohm, and any newly signed player to a farm system.
  11. Sorry for not clarifying....Vlad Tatis eloy Bichette all taken already from previous year
  12. Who to take? Leaning Wander Franco. Anyone else I should be considering?
  13. Mack, Cook, David Johnson, or Damien Williams! half PPR FWIW I have Mahomes and Butker so starting dwill will almost guarantee some sort of points once KC get in the red zone.
  14. How would you rank the following players in dynasty leagues: KAT AD Embiid Simmons Doncic Tatum JacksonJr Dbooker drussell jmurray
  15. I need to pick 3 of these 5 studs...which 3 do I start??need your help!!! Yes you!! half ppr Marlon mack Dalvin Cook Ezekiel Elliot David Johnson Damian Williams I currently have mack cook and zeke going but my right eye keeps looking at Damian Williams lol
  16. Derrick Henry has come a long way for this comment to come to fruition. lol
  17. Is josh Rosen real life? He’s gotta be Mark Sanchez 2.0
  18. Jaylen samuels w questionable conner engram njoku half ppr. Need to clutch this one!!
  19. Benched Damian Williams for this guy..please DJ...just give me one week that’s all I ask
  20. That’s 6.5+ points from TE..I’ll take it
  21. At least they didn’t split him into two players like they did with Shohei Ohtani in that was a real screw up.