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  1. Darvish, Knebel, Carlos Martinez, Jose Quintana, Brandon Hand....
  2. that's tough...probably early mid rounds? 6-9th rounds? not sure because of all the uncertainties not only with his ability to adjust to mlb quickly but also on how fantasy platforms will adjust to his multi position eligibility.
  3. in dynasty rookie draft, 1st overall
  4. it's pretty comical how rapidly things have turned in new york and boston in regards to their coverage of shohei otani, from "japanese babe ruth" to "definitely not 2nd coming of babe ruth" in a matter of 1 day.
  5. in a rookie probably take him first
  6. i highly doubt the kamara owner will trade him away for any of those 2.
  7. his rookie year will be worse than lonzo fultz and dsj in my opinion. however, his weaknesses are very fixable and his upside is amazing considering, as you mentioned, phoenix does not have many options besides booker and bledsoe. jackson's strengths are his supporting stats(rebs, asts, stls, blks) and as long as he gets the minutes, i think he will deliver in these stats regularly. i currently have him and have been offered an early to middle 2018 first round draft pick for him but i am still contemplating on whether i should do that move or not.
  8. i took acuna this year in late rounds before he blew up...boy did i make a good choice now!
  9. i can argue that fultz can be 85% of james harden, lonzo can be jason kidd, simmons can be 85% lebron, DSJ can be baron davis....wouldn't this validate reason to draft these guys in the first 2 rounds in a deep dynasty start up league over the likes of some seasoned star vets(27+ age) currently in their prime?
  10. where do you draft this guy in a dynasty league 16 team standard 9 cat
  11. where do you draft Fultz in a startup Dynasty league? Standard 9 cat..
  12. sounds like he has a lot to lose if he comes early which may discourage him from coming.
  13. so what's all this i hear that he may not end up coming next year...
  14. Agreed. i forgot to mention that Lonzo would be shooting 3's as well as a decent FT% so Rondo 2.0 would assume that Version 2.0 is always an upgrade
  15. given that this is a fantasy forum....i am inclined to think that lonzo's fantasy value will be higher than tatum fox dsj far as fultz and josh jackson...they have potential to be more valuable than lonzo as fultz looks like mini tmac, jackson can contribute in rebs steals and blocks, lonzo looks like he can be celtics rondo 2.0 who was pretty damn good in fantasy.
  16. our league has rules where you can't draft a player unless they are already signed with a mlb team before the season starts. with that being said, i am eyeballing this guy in our league and hope to draft him next season if he does sign with a team. rumors have it he will be coming over to play in 2018 meaning he should sign with a team sometime in 2017 or early 2018 right. that is the only way i see him being available in our league. If he is available next he the consensus #1 pick that should come off the boards in a rookie draft?