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  1. Would you have vetoed at 10am? probably the trade stands. no debate.
  2. My WRs at this point are Juju Thielen Hollywood Mecole Metcalf my RBs are Conner Dmontgomery CThompson Samuels... I know it seems ridiculous but i am running out of patience with my 0-3 team. My QB is Baker... Conner has been garnering some interest in my league and so far i received an offer for Lockett straight up...i countered with Lockett and Mostert for Conner and Samuels. Is this a mistake? i honestly am ready to count my losses with Conner and hope to sell some of my WRs to try and get someone like Carson or AJones. if not Lockett, any other potential targets that may be worth a rock bottom Conner? it's a 0.5 PPR league 12 team redraft. Thanks for the help in advance! RW, i need y'all to help me bring my team back...
  3. he was able to bring back the GIANTS without Saquon from a 18 point halftime deficit...thats pretty remarkable. We all need more than 1 game to really know if he's the real deal but he's shown he's capable of running in the red zone if necessary and that gives him a QB1 upside. His upside will likely go up if he has a healthy Saquon.
  4. He pulled the remarkable comeback with saquon out of the lineup
  5. the big names probably tend to make this trade seem a lot more lopsided than it actually is. hardman and shepard are playing better than both woods and landry. ertz hasn't been doing great...better than vance nonetheless. I agree that i'll lean towards the bigger names since they have a decent track record but i dont think it's a veto. 0-3 team needs to make moves...2-1 team using their leverage.
  6. if you own penny...i think you're ok. i am officially anti conner so take my opinion with a grain of saltiness towards conner. but pittsburgh has been atrocious...taking conner and juju rnd 1 and 2 has me sitting 0-3 ...
  7. absolutely. in a heart beat. i can't take the constant disappointment. trying to find some sort of trade win myself.
  8. i'd go Jones. although it's just one game, he showed qb1 upside. you can likely trade josh or danny for something of need later down the road whereas kyle has an expiration date. Unless of course Cam is done..
  9. Currently have Baker and can no longer tolerate his weekly's bad for my health. i have brees on the IR. im considering dropping Baker if i do pick up Jones with the #3. your thoughts?
  10. I’m just about done with these two. I’m considering dropping baker and claiming my #3 waiver on Daniel Jones. What is a rb worth trading Conner for that the other owner would likely bite? Fournette? Melvin? Mixon? Any others come to mind? I’m 0-3 and need to make big moves
  11. Also, Seattle runs the ball than most teams, Carson fumbles often, Penny wasn’t that bad end of last season...(I may be wrong about the last point)
  12. Baker juju thielen hollywood mecole metcalf conner dMontgomery cthompson samuels penny oj Howard
  13. What about something like Conner and Hollywood for fournette melvin and brady? hes dead set on trying to get Hollywood from me since he has Lamar
  14. In a standard, td is gold...therefore I lean with Gordon here
  15. Was offered Brady fournette landry for Thielen dMontgomery Hollywood brown my current team: Baker Hollywood, Juju, thielen, mecole, metcalf conner, dMontgomery, samuels, cthompson, Penny oj howard half ppr league. Should I take this? Down 0-2 already in this league
  16. Half ppr.. have baker as starting qb have Conner Montgomery samuels CT at RB sitting at I take this deal?
  17. I am hurting at qb...with baker the letdown mayfield...i offered juju for lamar and was instantly done with fantasy football.
  18. if it's not from subway, then i'd take the deal.
  19. again...i'm not saying Daniel Jones isn't capable of being better than Eli. but it's crazy to expect a rookie QB running a subpar offense and expect him to be an instant improvement over a seasoned vet. What have you seen Daniel Jones do to lead you to believe he will be a 100% hit? The preseason? Engram's TD opportunities may improve but that is mainly due to the fact of the return of Tate and Shepard. i wouldn't expect 10+ targets most people are expecting. Tate is a PPR machine and Shepard is their WR1
  20. To bring it back to Engram, assuming Daniel Jones will be better for him is setting yourself up for disappointment. Add Shepard and Tate joining the party soon..don’t be surprised Engrams value dips. Just saying